Unless you have been smiled upon by the gods; have the face of an angel, a perfect 34-24-34, figure, and you can wear a Tesco savers bin bag, no make-up and a pair of flip-flops and look amazing - (in that case you lucky thing, you need read no further). At some point in our lives, the rest of us mere mortals are going to need pointing in the right direction when it comes to looking stylish. use our ultimate-style-guide to help save those grey hairs.
You know the times I mean, when it's not acceptable to wear your favorite slouchy stuff. Those times when your gonna have to get some style girl!

Being a plus-size is no excuse for not looking great. There are plenty of curvy girls out there who look absolutely fabulous, and the best thing is that you don't notice their size because of what they wear, and how they put their outfits together.

Some of my favorite women who appear to do this with ease are Ruth Jones, co-writer & star of Gavin & Stacey. Ruth Watson Hotelier, and ex-hotel inspector from Channel Five's 'The Hotel Inspector', and of course I feel that I should also mention comedienne Katy Brand, an actress Alison Steadman. They get their styling right.

But What should I wear? How many times, like me, have you said this? when planning an outfit for that special night out, or even a trip in town for lunch with the girls.I often found that great top that looked fantastic on the hanger in the shop, looks awful when you try it on in the privacy of your own bedroom.

One reason for this is that we tend to buy on impulse, we buy the wrong size (usually too small), we don't try our purchases on before we buy,(my 'marvellous', and long suffering boyfriend, Nigel thought at one time, that my favorite hobby was taking clothes back for refunds) and buy what we 'fall in love' with, rather than what actually suits. When buying clothing we need to get value for our time, and hard-earned cash, and most importantly that what you choose to wear makes you look and feel great. Use our Top Tips.
Avoid the style pitfalls six most common ways to ruin your outfit, and follow our five golden rules for getting the best silhouette.

So follow our ulitmate-style-guide's simple rules to get the best from your wardrobe. What colours will compliment you & Which to avoid!
Dress to suit your body shape. Look great in shades of just one colour, or The monochrome look. Extend this idea by layering your clothes. Finding the perfect bra. Patterns?, or stripes?. How to accessorize successfully.

When to shop and how to get the best out of a shopping trip. Getting it right means that you can save money and time while still looking fantastic.

Looking good can positively change your life!

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