noughties music.
Our favourite songs of the last 10 years.

This list isn't a list of the best selling singles of the last 10 years. OH MY NO! If it was it would be a very different a list, filled with talent show winners, Christmas No.1's, novelty songs and charity singles. On this list are the songs that have given us the anthems for the start of the 21st centuary. The classics that will endure over time to be looked fondly back on.
These songs were selected by combining the results of a Yougov poll and the opinions of industry experts.
The most prolific year for entries into this top 20 was 2006 with five entries, closely followed by 2003 with four.
Two years failed to feature at all. They were 2002, and 2009. Although it has to be said that 2002 gave us the top 2 best selling singles of the decade, and perhaps 2009 is too close for us to judge properly which of it's hits my be classics.

So let's begin:-

20.Will Young - Leave right now (2003)
This emotional ballard, this weepy was the first single,from Will's second album 'Fridays Child' which sold 3 million copies in it's first three weeks on sale.
Released in Nov 2003 The single went to No.1 in the UK singles chart in December 2003. Will was the first of the decade's reality 'solo' pop stars, after winning pop idol in 2002

19.Kaiser Chiefs - Ruby (2007)
Ruby was released in Febuary in 2007. Ruby coincidently, was also the most popular name in 2007. As the lead track from the band's second album 'Yours truly, Angry mob'. For Strokes influenced, Leeds indie-band Pava this was their first No1 in their new guise of the Kaiser Chiefs. Although having chart success with previous anthems 'Oh my God', & 'I predict a riot' Ruby was the first of their songs to top the charts, and become the 10th best selling single of 2007.

18.Mark Ronson ft. Amy Winehouse - Valerie (2007)
The second song in this list titled with a girls name and also from 2007. This single was recorded for Ronson's second studio album. Released in Oct 2007, the single just missed the top spot in the UK charts and peaked at umber 2. But it did however become the 9th best selling single of the year.
The song was written by English indie rock band the Zutons, and made the top 10 on it's original release in 2006.

17.Coldplay - Viva La vida (2008)Although nobody ever admits to liking Coldplay they have been voted in at No. 17 on this list. And let's not forget they were the biggest selling band if the decade
This song Viva La Vida (translated into English as 'long live life')was taken from the their 4th studio album of the same name. The song topped the UK chart as well as the Billboard chart in the US. Making this Coldplay's first transatlantic number ne.

16.Franz Ferdinand - Take me out (2004)
Scottish rock band Franz Ferdinand formed in Glasgow, Scotland in 2002., Another band influenced by the Strokes, that helped to restart the flagging British rock scene.
This was their breakthrough single and second release, and reached No.3 in the UK chart. Described as a 'catchy tune' by the band it was one of our favourites of the last 10 years.

15.Duffy - Mercy (2008)
Dubbed as the Dusty Springfield of the noughties, Duffy released 'Mercy' as the second single from her first album 'Rockferry'. Co-written by Steve Brooker. A song that appeared to be out of it's time, and was a refreshing sound. It's 60's soul sound was unique at the time, and made it easily to the top of the UK charts.
The song has won many awards including a 'Grammy', and has been described as a 'timeless classic' by MOJO editor Phil Alexander.

14.Take That - Patience (2006)Take That's comeback song, and what a song. The video showed that the Boyband of the nineties had become a self assured, manband of the noughties. Even though they were still minus Robbie their popularity exploded.
The song was taken from their album 'Beautiful World' and reached No.1 in th U.K. in Dec 2006, and returned to the chart again in Feb 2007.

13.Eminem - Stan ft Dido (2000)
The song that launched the career of then unknown British female singer Dido.
.Stan tells the fictional tragic story of Stan, and his pregnant girlfriend. Stan is a fan obsessed with his Eminem. Stan gets more and more frustrated when he feel that he is being ignored by his Idol. Leading to stan's, suicide and his girlfriend's murder. Uplifting stuff!
critically acclaimed as one of the best rap tracks ever. The song was sampled with Dido's song 'Thank ou', and reached No.1 in both Britain and Australia.

12.Scissor Sisters - I don't feel like dancing (2006)
The Scissor sisters formed in 2001, are a New York based, triple Brit Award-winning electronic, glam rock band.
Although having limited success in their native USA, they have been hugely successful in the UK Canada, Australia, and Europe. 'I don't feel like dancing' hit the number one spot and was in the UK charts for a total of 27 weeks. And was the fourth best selling single in the UK in 2006.

11.Outkast - Hey Ya! (2003)
Hey Ya! by experimental hip-hop band was a song written by Andre 3000 for his album 'The love below', part of the Hip-op duo OutKast's double album 'SpeakerBoxxx/The love below. The video for the song featured Andre 3000 as eight different versions of himself.
This catchy song reached top five in most of the countries it was released in. Outkast is the most successful hip hop band ever.