noughties music pt2.
Our favourite songs of the last 10 years.

10.James Blunt - You're beautiful (2005)
The most annoying song of the decade has made it to no.10. Annoying it may be but catchy it is.
Taken from the ex-Army Captain's debut album, 'Back to Bedlam', the single reached No1 in the British charts.
It has been the only song by a British artist to reach No. 1 in the 'Latin American' top 40 - Kudos?

9.Kylie Minogue - I can't get you out of my head (2001)
This dance-pop song was from Kylie's eigth album 'Fever', and was written by Cathy Dennis and Rob Davis.
This is the song that re-launched Kylie's flagging career, Although she'd had success with the disco track 'spinning Around' in 2000 it is 'I can't get you out of my head' that cemented her return , and it is deemed to be her signiture song. The song had been offered to other artists, including Sophie Ellis Bexter, who'd turned it down. When Kylie first heard the song she knew it was a winner.
It reached the No.1 spot in every country in Europe apart form Finland, where it reached No.5.

8.Beyonce - Crazy In Love (2003)
Another song that was gathering dust on the writer's shelf, and had been turned down by other artists.
Beyonce heard it loved it, and wondered why no-one else had taken it on.It was the debut single of Beyonce's solo career.
Beyonce couldn't believe that no-one else had spotted the potential of the song, and made it her own with it's iconic production and video. The song was put on her first solo album 'dangerously in love'. And made it easily to the No.1 position in the UK charts.

7.Take That - Rule the World (2007)
Second entry in this chart from the kings of comeback. Rule the world was written by the band for the film 'Stardust' although it was not featured on the film's soundtrack, nor on the original release of the bands 'Beautiful world' album.
It was the 5th best selling single in the UK in 2007. The song entered the UK singles chart at No. 46 and peaked at number 2 being held of the top spot by Leona Lewis' bleedin'love.

6.Gnarles Barkley - Crazy (2006)
Duo Gnarles Barkley is producer, Danger Mouse(Brian Burton) and rapper Cee-Lo Green (Thomas Callaway). Crazy was their first release from their first album 'St Elsewhere'.
Crazy was the first to get the No.1 spot in the UK charts to get there purely from download sales. It stayed there for 9 consecutive weeks.
The last time a single stayed at number one for that lenghth of time was Wet Wet Wet's 'Love is all around' back in 1994. Which stayed at No.1 for a total of 15 weeks.

5.Amy Winehouse - Rehab (2006)
An amazing song to come out of the first decade of the 21st centuary when you realised it wasn't a blues cover from the 60's.
Written by Amy and taken from her second studio album 'Back to Black'. The lyrics are autobiographical telling of Amy's problems with alcohol and her refusal to go into rehabilitation. Although released in 2006 and never reaching the top spot, it endured during 2007, and was Amy's longest-running UK chart hit.

4.Kings of Leon - Sex on Fire (2008)
The good old boys from Nashville, Tennessee this nepotic band has as it's members, brothers Anthony Caleb, Ivan Nathan, Micheal Jared Followhill, and cousin Cameron Matthew Followhill.
This was the first single taken from their fourth album 'Only by the Night'
As of September 2009 it was the most downloaded single in the UK chart., and spent a total of 74 weeks in the top 75.

3.Arctic Monkeys - I bet you look good on the dance floor (2005)
These unwilling participants of the rock world formed in Sheffield in 2002, The Arctic monkeys are responsible for our next entry. They are said to be one of the first bands to have come to public attention via the internet through files sharers, and My space. The single was their first release and debuted in the UK chart at No.1Their first album out-sold the beatles first album

2.Killers - Mr Brightside (2003)
Although this song was written in late 2001, and given away at gigs as a demo in 2002. It was released in the UK in the form that we know it in 2003.
From Las Vegas, Nevada USA The Killers are a four-piece alternative rock band. The killers are one of the most popular bands performing during the festival season in the UK appearing at Glastonbury in 2009. They have been dubbed as the next U2. We'll have to wait and see!

1.Snow Patrol - Chasing Cars (2006)
No one was more suprised than Snow Patrol when they were told that their song had been voted into the top spot of this poll.
The band in 1994, whilst it's five members were studying at the University of Dundee, Scotland. The group originate from both Northern Ireland and Scotland.
After 2 changes of name in 1997 they became Snow Patrol.
Their first three records were commercially unsuccessful. After a long slog and many dissapointments, they released their second album 'Eyes open' in 2005.
Their first hit 'Run' was only successful in the UK until in 2008 Leona Lewis did a cover of the song made it her own, and showcased it to the world.
Chasing cars was the second track of this album, and was released in May 2006. It spent a total of134 weeks in the UK singles chart, longer than any other single, inc songs fromElvis, Frank Sinatra and the Beatles
Notably, it was the last song ever to be performed on 'Top of the Pops', and sales went stellar when it played out the final episode of a series of Grey's Anatomy
The phrase 'chasing cars' it is claimed; came from Lightbody's father, in reference to a girl Lightbody was infatuated with, "You're like a dog chasing a car. You'll never catch it, and you just wouldn't know what to do with it if you did.
Well done to Snow Patrol for giving us the theme song for the last half of the decade

I hope that you've enjoyed the list. That some f your favourites were on it, and that you revisited music that you'd forgotten about. For more mind joggers of the noughties checkout the links below.