The Layered Look

The layered look is a stylish choice for women of every size. While some stylists argue that plus size women should stay away from this look. I maintain that it’s a key part of plus size womans style.
The basic idea is that you incorporate different garments of different fabrics and colours to give interest, shape and depth to an outfit. Wearing layers can make you look polished and pulled-together. Fuller figured women just have to make sure their outfits don’t add extra padding to their frames.
Here are some things to consider when putting together a figure-flattering layered look:
Aim to create balance. This should be every plus size woman’s goal when putting together an outfit. Try a boxy jacket to counterbalance a full bust or a wide midsection. Put a plain t-shit or vest top underneath a jumper so that it's hem peeps out from below the jumper creating a layer and interest.
Bring attention to the shoulders to balance fuller hips, and make the waist look slimmer.
To make the layered look work, you must keep an eye on the overall silhouette.

Use colour to your advantage; Darker colours have a slimming effect while lighter colours give the appearance of fullness. This doesn’t mean that you should only wear dark colours. It means that you should use colour to trick the eye. Emphasize areas you like with light, bright colours.
Deemphasize what you don’t want to showcase with darker, mellower hues.
Contrast vibrant colours for a bright sassy look. Or use more subdued tones for a more subtle feel. Colour also expresses mood and personality. Don’t be afraid to use bold colour combinations.

Work with heavy or medium weight fabrics. Anything too light and flimsy won’t hold much shape so should only be used as an under-garment when you are going to wear something with more shape over the top. Otherwise, you run the risk of looking bigger.
On the other hand, avoid layering with materials that are bulky - like chunky knits. These hefty fabrics add fullness that you don’t need. Wear well-fitted garments.

Layering clothes that are too small or too big just doesn't do anything for your shape. For plus size women clothes should fit close to the body without being tight. Jackets should fit in the shoulder and be able to close. Pants should fit in the waist, hip and seat. Use a tailor to alter clothing if necessary.

Go for structured pieces. Simple clothes with clean lines are very flattering to the full figure. Pick items with details that create shape. For example, wear garments with empire or cinched waists. Try well placed darts or runching. Typically, the more seaming a garment has, the better it’ll look on a super curvy body.
You can always fake it. It’s not necessary to wear multiple garments to get the layered look. There are plenty of items on the market to help you achieve this. Wear a cami-bra under tops with deep v-neck. Or choose shirts and sweaters with built-in collars and cuffs that the give the illusion you’re after.

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