Perfect plus size bra fitting
How to choose the right one for you.

Have you ever had a professional bra fitting?
Probably not!
I bet you started out in a training bra some years ago then moved on to larger size, or perhaps borrowed your mums, or older sister's without much thought of whether the fit was correct or not.
You may still be wearing it!!!! The white cotton now grey, with the elastic and cups stretched beyond recognition with delicate fraying around the edges.
I think it's time to chuck it in the bin!

If you're not wearing the right size bra for you, you're not doing yourself any favours. This is one of the most important pieces of clothing a plus size woman can have. It's sooo important to get it right. If you get it wrong, at best your shillouette is not looking as good as it could. More than likely not having the correct sized one can affect the health of your back and bust.
An ill-fitting bra will give you an odd shape, you may find flesh trying to escape, bulging over and under the straps and cups and will make you look much bigger than you really are.

As it's claimed that over 75% of women are wearing the wrong sized-bra.
when choosing a bra most women underestimate their back-width, and over estimate their cup-size. Nothing can ruin an outfit quicker than an ill-fitting bra.

So how do you decide which one is the correct size for you?
Well the best way to find your perfect fit is to be professionally measured. Find a good independant lingerie shop, where they offer a measuring & bra fitting service and take advantage of it.
M & S also offer a free bra-fitting service - you may have to book an appointment. A fitting can take upto 45 mins, so invest a little of your time. It's well worth it

Note: If your weight goes up/down by 10lbs (4.5kg). You may need a further fitting. It is also recommended that you have your boobs re-meausured every six months.

Different bras have different functions. For a streamlined look under a tailored suit, wear a bra with a bit of uplift, and firmer support.
Black along with white are the two most popular colours for bras. However a nude coloured bra should be considered, they go invisibly under clingy tops and t-shirts for the seamless look. And are a must in every womans wardrobe.

According to fashion guru Mary Portas this is 'the ideal capsual wardrobe' for everyday underwear;
A black plunge bra (with removable padding).
A sports bra.
A nude strapless bra.
A smooth-lined (i.e. no seams across the front of the cup) T-shirt bra, also in nude'
Mary also mentions that it's a good idea to buy at least two pairs of knickers to go with each bra-so that you've always got a matching set if needed.

Don't forget also to choose your bra for the job it needs to do. Different bras have different functions. For a streamlined look under a tailored suit, wear a bra with a bit of uplift, and firmer support.
If you have a heavy bust and want to reduce it's appearance, use a minimiser bra.
If you are smaller on top and want to show your boobs off wear a correctly fitting balcony style.
Discuss your individual requirements when having your fitting.

The bra is the most important piece of underwear that a fuller-figured woman can wear, and it's really important that the fit is correct. The wrong size bra can totally ruin your sillhouette. A correctly fitting bra will lift and shape your breasts whilst giving your body definition.
If the cup size is too large then your boobs won't get the proper support. If the back strap is too tight then you'll end up with what appears to be another pair of boobs on you back. - nice!

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