Are you an apple, or a pear?
knowing your body shape is the secret to dressing well.
Checkout our bodyshape guide to make the most of your wardrobe.

Your body-shape, is your body-shape, is your body shape. And unless you're considering plastic surgery your stuck with what God gave you. It doesn't matter what size a woman is, to dress well with style she needs to be at one with the shape of her body.

Knowing your body shape is the secret to dressing well. Your size doesn't matter. Your shape does!

Your body-shape is determined by your genes, where your body naturally deposits it's fat reserves, and of course the shape of your skeleton.

For example if you are a typical 'pear' shape and a size 10, you will still be 'pear' shape if you become a size 20. Your back will still be a lot slimmer than your hips. The same principle applies to every other female body-shape.

know the clothes that show off your great bits, and which hide the not so good. Dress to impress, look and feel great, and boost your confidence!

At one time not so long ago us girls were all supposed to fit into one of four body shapes, and I would imagine that their names will be very familiar to you.Number one on the list, of course, was The traditional 'pear' shape with her narrow back,and wide hips Apples are top heavy with slim hips and good legs. Houglasses are evenly matched around the bust & hips, Whereas celerys are pretty slim all over and have quite boyish shape.

In 2007 Trinny Woodhall, & Suzannah Constantine, in their ITV show 'undress the nation', revisited the issue of body-shape. With the knowlege gained from their years of giving fashion & style advice to many different women, They added a further eight body-shape types to the original four,

to give a better representation of the most common female body shapes today in the 21st centuary.

These additions were; The Lollipop, The Cornet, The Goblet,The Brick, The Vase, The cello, The skittle and The Bell.
They also swapped, probably quite wisely, the celery for the column

O.k. so how to decide which body shape you have.
Firstly have an honest look at yourself in a full-length mirror. It's best if you can manage to do this wearing just your underwear, or a loatard so that you can get a good idea of where you go in and out.
If your hips are broader than your shoulders then you are probably
a skittle, a pear, or a bell.

If you have broad shoulders, but no waist you probably fall into the goblet, brick, & apple catagories

If your boobs are the same size as your hips then your probably an hourglass, a vase, or a cello.

If none of the above apply to you then you may be a column, a lollipop, or a cornet

As no two of us has quite the same shape. you may find that none of the above body-shape outline is perfect for you. Don't worry, use the info for the body shapes that you feel apply to you, to make the best of your wardrobe.

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