Body-shape -
The Vase
Is your body feminine and sexy. Do you have big boobs, with hips of an equal size, a gently curving longer waist, slim thighs and legs?

How do you know if your body-shape is a 'vase'? Think of an hourglass shape, and stretch it a little. You are a very sexy feminine shape, your waist won't be quite as small as that of the 'hourglass' woman in comparison to the size of your boobs and hips but your bum will be flatter.

The 'vase' woman has a very feminine shape with;
Big Boobs,
Gently Curving longer waist,
Hip size equal to boob size,
Slim thighs and legs,

It may be that having a vase body-shape you don't feel sexy, but frumpy; as your boobs are larger than you feel comfortable with. You also feel your arms don't look good in a sleveless tops.
Think of how good Kate Winslett looked in the film Titanic with her fabulous tailored clothes that showed her curvy figure off perfectly
You may not like your figure, but believe me, your friends envy your it!

So what sort of look is the best for you? This is what Trinny and Suzannah have to say:
'Sexy is all well and good but it can often be hard to translate this into style. You might be told that you have a great body, but it's not one that can be up-to-the-minute tendy.
Styles for you are specific. Sharp, tight, tailoring....Miss Moneypenny on Viagra is your ideal look. Keep that in mind as your blueprint. Size is definatley not an issue here. Your proportions are fabulous. The saucy secretary look can easily be adapted to any dimensions'

Ruffles around the neckline,
Dresses or skirts with tierd frills,
Sleeveless Tops with round necklines,
Polo-neck jumpers,
princess collars,
wedge shoes.

Single button jacket with round lapel,
High waisted pencil skirt,
Hold it all in glamourous dress,
Straight leg jeans,
Cropped sleved top with square neckline,
Scouped neck dress fitted under the bust (make sure the material isn't too light & floaty),
Fitted shirt with puffed sleeves,
Trousers with slanted pockets and wide belt loops,
Round earrings,
Curvy pump-topped shoes.

With big boobs it's quite easy to feel a bit plump, so it's important that your clothes pay attention to your more dainty body parts, a three-quater length sleeve shows off your dainty lower arms. Straight leg jeans show off your slim legsChoose clothes that take the emphasis off your boobs this makes your body shape more even. E.g.a shirt with puff sleeves, or a jacket with shoulder pads.
Wear dresses that show off your curves, but make sure that they are well fitted at the waist.'Avoid floaty chiffony things with too much print, but it is also important to have something in your outfit that adds a touch of feminity. A great way to create interest without getting too patterned is to choose a fabric that has a subtle stripe, fleck or two-tone design'

With you body-shape and a little thought. Your style will be the envy of you friends.

If you don't feel this describes your shape, try the description for

The Hourglass or,

The Cello

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Source: The Body Shape Bible. Trinny Woodhall & Suzannah Constantine.