The Skittle
Is your body a proper female shape, a long slim top half, which widens dramatically at the bottom?.

Then your body-shape is probably what Trinny and Suzannah have christened 'a skittle'
You are not quite the typical english pear, as your bum is smaller, and you don't have saddlebags.
You have a long body, and short legs, but your main problem lies in the thigh area.

The 'skittle' woman has a female body-shape with;

Average Boobs,
Slim waist,
OK tummy,
Big thighs,
Chunky Calves,

You may have spent most of your life trying to hide your thighs, but at the expense of the rest of your body. So no-one has noticed that you have elegant arms,a small waist, and shapely ankles.

As far as I can see it's a pretty good thing to have a nice narrow back with average sized boobs. You will easily be able to find tops to wear that make you look elegant. Think of all those photo's taken at weddings, or xmas do's when some idiot photographer insist's on sticking a camera in you face whilst you're tucking into a prawn cocktail - nice elegant top half = nice elegant body.

This what Trinny and Suzannah have to say on the subject of being 'a skittle'; 'Interestingly, if you have this body-shape a larger bottom half is much easier to hide than a bulky bust or billowing belly. Skinnier torsos allow for elegant garments that have no need to hide any lumps or bumps, and generally speaking one's bottom and thighs spend much more time concealed beneath tables, steering wheels or blankets than upper body parts.

Spaghetti strap tops,
Jackets that cut across the bum,
Cropped trousers,
Stretch trousers of any style,
Calf-length straight skirts
Pencil skirts
Ankle straps

A shirt with a bow, or some detail at the front to draw attention upwards,
Vertically panelled skirt,
Clingy dress with flared skirt,
Broad lapel cropped jacket,
Fitted waist length jumper,
Wide-length trousers with pockets on an angle,
High chunky heeled shoe,
Fitted coat with flared skirt,
Body hugging sparkly top,
Low-leg swim suit with buckle at the breast.'

The worst thing for you to do as a skittle is to swamp your body with baggy clothes to try to hide your thighs.
For the best look for a skirt - yes I did say skirt! is to wear on that falls just below the knee. Above the knee and it will show some of your thigh which will make your leg look chunkier.
Wear flat fronted trousers that fall from your butt all the way to the floor. Trousers that fall short of this will only make your legs look even shorter.
Wear fitted vibrant tops to emphasise your tiny waist.

Looking stylish is all about using clothes to make your body look in proportion. With a bit of thought dear 'skittle' you can do this in spades!

If you don't feel this describes your shape, try the description for

The Pear or,

The Bell

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Source: The Body Shape Bible. Trinny Woodall & Suzannah Constantine.