The Pear
Are you slim on top, but have wider hips.
Then if so you may be a pear, read on....

Your body-shape is what is known as the typical 'English pear shape' This is because it was considered to be the most common female body-shape in the UK. The near sister to your shape is the skittle. The difference between you and her; is that your boobs will be smaller, and your ankles and calves will be chunkier.
Many pears can be very slim, but will still have heavy legs, and proportionally larger thighs. You may hate the shape card that you've been dealt as you can never look at yourself without totally focusing on your thighs. You need to get over this.
As a pear you will have;

Small boobs,
Long waist,
Flat tummy,
Heavy legs,

Don't forget that most British fashion has being designed with your shape as a template, so high street fashion will fit better on you that it does on your 'goblet', and 'cone' sisters, whose body-shape is the opposite of yours.

Here's what Trinny and Suzannah have to say about being the perfect pear;"Many times you have yearned to wear a mini-skirt, but shied away with it at the last minute, or gone for it, only to have felt self-conscious and conspicuous. It's not that you are, or were overweight. Indeed pears can be skinny little chickens, like Trinny, but her thighs are also, to be honest, way bigger than the rest of her

As we see it, the pear has many, many redeeming qualities.... all of them upstairs. The boobs won't be big, but they will be a tidy handful that can slip into delicate strappy and pretty tops. Your arms, bless them, are nearly always tones to the point of perfection. Dammit your top half is hard to fault. Muscular back, tiny waist and a card-hard stomach make you one lucky girl.
Go forth and display your wares upstairs keeping the basement dark and mysterious to the outside world."

Bias cut skirts,
Pencil skirts,
Skinny jeans,
Ankle straps,

Shoulder enhancing shrug,
Long A-line skirt,
Strapless dress with full skirt,
Straight knee high boots,
Chunky straight heels with platforms,
Belted coat,
Single breasted jacket, with deep V and fitted waist,
Delicate shirt with puffed sleeves,
Boat-necked top with contrasting cuffs and hemline,
Wide leg trousers with flat front.

So the most important thing to remember as a pear is to get it all going on up-top. Shoulder pads are your best friend, as are padded gilets, and puff sleeves.
If you want to wear a skirt try it with a pair of knee boots with chunky heels
Balance your top with your bottom half nd look great!

If you don't feel this describes your shape, try the description for

The Bell or,

The skittle

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Source: The Body Shape Bible. Trinny Woodall & Suzannah Constantine.