The Lollipop
Have you, big boobs and endless legs, a slight waist and slim hips.

Then if you do, then your body-shape is more than likely a 'lollipop'! You have the shape of most of the world's most glamourous movie stars with your massive boobs, and endless legs think of Angelina Jolie and Uma Thurman.

Also, this type of female figure is the stuff of male fantasy.
Remember Lara Croft? the iconic female lead character in Eidios International's pc game 'Tomb Raider'. Lara's character was designed to be completely different from the usual lead character in that sort of adventure game. So she was designed with the male user in mind; Big boobs, small hips,and long legs.- Now there's a suprise!!!

So you get the basic idea, of what your type of body-shape means to the male population, but what does it mean to you when trying to be stylish on a day-to-day basis?
As a lollipop you will have;

Big boobs,
Slight waist,
Slim hips,
Long legs.

I've no doubt that you find it fairly easy to find something glam for that big night out. but finding day-to-day wear can be a bit more of a problem.
Most clothes for the U.K. market are designed with the typical pear shape in mind. The Ying to your Yang, completely the other end of the spectrum to you
, because of this when buying clothes to fit your body-shape you could easily be two-three dress sizes smaller around your hips than on your bust.Also, your shoulders are not broad enough to properly support your boobs with ease and you can tend to hunch forward, so that bad posture can become more apparent than your great figure.Your mission therefore is to try to balance your figure, to make you one of the most knockout women around.

So what sort of look is best for you?
This is what Trinny and suzannah have to say:'You're all tits and legs. While that may be many people's idea of heaven, these people are mostly men. The truth is that when you're on form and every-thing's working well you feel like the most fabulous chick on the block, but where you clothes sit badly you can feel suprisingly awkward, and self-conscious

What you aim to achieve with your clothes is to broaden your hips and shoulders and create fluid shapes in your body.
Once you learn the art of balancing you silhouette, we assure you that you can be one of the most knockout women around - whether it be at a gala first night or the school play.

Polo necks,
Chunky Sweaters,
High waisted trousers,
Shift dresses that hang from your boobs,
Bolero Jackets,
Elaborate Necklaces,

Tops with wide sweetheart neckline,
Coat with full skirt and buttons under boobs,
Skirt with hip detail,
Fluted skirt,
Bell bottomed trousers,
Scoop neck tank top,
Print jacket with double buttons,
Halter neck bikini with boy shorts,
Knitted and gathered jersey dress,
Slim, straight heeled shoes,

Choose clothes that balance out your boobs,and skirts that exaggerate the swish of your hips as you walk. The secret of your success is to walk tall and be proud of your shape.

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