The Hourglass
Have you the iconic female body-shape?
Are your hips and bust in proportion. If you think that this is you, then read on.....

You have the iconic female body-shape, your curvy figure with it's small waist, ample hips and busoms is one that has been adored by artists throughout the centuries. If you do put any weight on you'll find that it goes on evenly between your bust and you hips, so that you still maintain that small waist and those sexy curves.

Young hourglasses women often get frustrated with their body-shape as they find that the teen fashions they want to wear just don't do it for them.

I found this with my own daughter when she started developing her lovely hourglass shape when she was about 12. Not only was it nearly impossible to buy school trousers to fit, but she decided the best thing to do was to cover up with grungy tops, and baggy jeans making her look alot bigger than she really was.

hourglass body shape

Hourglass women need to show off their curves. As an hourglass you will have;
Big boobs,
A small waist,
A short waist,
Big Hips,
Generous thighs.

Here's what Trinny and Suzannah have to say about the hourglass 'body-shape'
"Fashion to you is a barrier to looking trendy. you try out the smock dresses and blouson tops, but with your big boobs and short waist you feel pregnaht. The key for you is not to hide any part of your body, but to show it off. you absolutely must wear fitted clothes that clasp your curves and stretch your torso. Would Marylin Munroe have looked a sex bomb if she was in frumpy, grungy gear?

Flap side pockets on trousers,
Big belts,
Batwing sleeves,
Blouses with bows and flounces,
Flat,lace up shoes,
Ankle strap pointy shoes,
Cowboy boots.

Deep v-neck fitted cardigan,
Drapey trousers,
Fitted dress that elongates the waist,
Coat with deep v-neck that's fitted at the waist with a full skirt,
Two button jacket,
Pencil skirt,
scoop-necked fitted top, with shoulder detail,
curvy cute shoes."

The trick to being an hourglass is to make yourself look as tall as possible, as your short waist, and big hips tend to make you look shorter than you actually are.
Wear fitted tops that fall just below your crotch so that it hides where your legs end and your bum starts. It's hard for a woman with such a feminine shape to wear jeans as successfully as they can tend to give you a muffin top which ruins your shape. However fitted ankle skimming jeans/trousers teamed with flat shoes, or pumps look great.

Even after all this advice if you still feel a bit miserable about being an hourglass. Look to the lovely Holly Willoughby presenter of 'This morning' & 'Dancing on ice' for inspiration. Holly has a typical hourglass figure, dresses to her shape very well. So dear hourglass keep your clothes fitted forget the flounces and frills. Walk tall, strut your stuff, and wow the world!

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Source: The Body Shape Bible. Trinny Woodall & Suzannah Constantine.