The Goblet
Are You big up top with fabulous slender legs?
If so, then your body-shape may be that of a 'goblet' Want to know more? Then read on.....

Well welcome to my world. This is the body-shape that God has given me.
I feel that with my broad shoulders and lack of waist that I look a bit bloke-ish. I was the girl at school that was always picked for the shot-put, or discus (whether I wanted to do them or not)on sports day
I don't suppose that I helped matters tho' as I spent most of my teenage years, swimming, horse riding, and sailing, all of which are excellent for building the upper body.
But hey! does that mean that we 'goblet'women can't be feminine of course not. Catherine Zeta Jones has a 'goblet' body-shape! I rest my case.

The secret to being a successful 'goblet' is to minimise the top half and show off those pins.

The 'goblet' woman has a shape that resembles one of those pewter goblets that you may have seen medieval kings on the telly drinking out of. so you are blessed with

Broad shoulders,
Big boobs,
No waist,
Narrow hips,
Long legs,
& probably a bit of a tummy.

Because of your shape there are obviously certain styles of clothes that you should avoid at all costs, and ones that you should embrace with open arms.

Wide leg sweat pants,
Shift dresses,
chunky knit sweaters,
slashed necklines,
Double breasted jackets,
skinny belts,

Deep wide-neck top,
Empire line fitted top,
Tight skirt with fluted hemline,
Pannelled skirt in heavy fabric,
Fitted short jacket,
low waisted slimline jeans,
Curvy, yet sturdy heels,
Single breasted coat with big pockets,

The problem we have as goblet women is that everything is going on up top, broad shoulders, big boobs, prone to a tummy, and a broad back. All this can make us look very square. but, our one amazing asset is our snake-hips, and great legs. make the most of these, they were made for showin' off in high heels, and fishnets.
A good top/jacket for us is one that draws us in at the waist to give us more of an hourglass shape. A couple of good tips to give the top half some shape,is to get a really good well fitting bra that gives your boobs as much lift as possible to diminish your tummy. Also a pair of magic knickers is a good idea to put under a dress to flatten down any lumps and bumps, and give more shape
Top tip keep away from slash necked tops/ jumpers as these will only serve to make your shoulders look even broader.

If you don't feel this quite describes your shape, try the descriptions for

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Source:The Body-Shape Bible. Trinny Woodall & Suzannah Constantine.