Body-shape The Cornet
Is your body boyish & athletic, Do you have small boobs, broad shoulders and longish legs?

Do you remember George from the famous five novels? - The ultimate tomboy. This is you! Your athletic frame was ideal for climbing trees and building dens.
As you grew up you were never one of the curvy girls, but you never wanted to be, and it was much easier to hang around in t-shirts proclaiming your love for motorcycles,or Iron Maiden, A pair of boys/mens Levi's, as the womens that fit your waist would bag around your hips.
Femininity was not your thing.
If this was you, the chances are you have been blessed with a 'cornet' body shape.

The 'cornet'; Think of the shape of an ice-cream cornet & not the musical instrument,-that would be a bit weird! I suppose the this body type could also be described as an upside down cone. The woman with this body shape has quite a triangular body-shape with.

Broad Shoulders,
Small Boobs,
No waist,
Slim hips,
Long slim Legs.

Prehaps you don't feel as sexy as you should because of your lack of feminine curves. But that's just crazy! Think of Ursula Andress in that iconic scene at the beginning of the film Dr No where she appears from the sea, leaving Sean Connery speechless. No one could say that she wasn't totally sexy. Ursusla is a typical cornet.

Fashion designers love the body shape of 'cornet' women to hang their latest designs from. They feel that they make the clothes move in the way that they should

So what sort of look is best for you as a cornet?
This is what Trinny and Suzannah have to say:'You are an extreme shape and anything to disguise that will only make you look Gawky and gangly. Learn to play up the drama of your angular body in everything you wear. Imagaine prancing down the catwalk of your life pausing only to strike a great pose on each street corner'

Shapeless floaty dresses,
Platform shoes,
Three-quarter sleeves,
Scooped necklines,
Cut-away shoulders,
Shoulder Pads.

Asymmetric wrap cardigan or top,
Asymmetric wrap jersey dress,
cigarette pants,
Skinny jeans,
Angular dress,
Fluted or flared skirt,
Fitted shirt,
Single button coat with full skirt and big hip pockets.

Choose clothes that are fitted and give you a waist. Slim heeled shoes emphasize your great shaped legs. A diamond shape neckline reduces the broardness of your shoulders.
And NEVER! NEVER! NEVER! wear any top with shoulder pads, or mutton chop sleves
The essence to looking good as a cornet is keep it shapely, and show off your great legs.

If you don't feel this describes your shape, try the description for

The Lollipop or,

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source: The Body Shape Bible. Trinny Woodhall & Suzannah Constantine