The Column
Are you quite tall, with a slight waist, with hips and bust that are evenly matched. Then you body-shape is probably a column.

Well I bet that you were the girl at school that was quite literally head and shoulders above the rest. I've no doubt that your contemporaries were probably quite envious of your tall willowy body-shape.
You will have stood out from the crowd, and have no doubt that you were the game mistress' favorite for the netball team.
You proportionally still have long legs, and not much of a waist, and are quite slight in build. Even though your hips are the same width as your bust you don't suffer with broad shoulders, or a very big tummy.
These factors give you quite a 'columny' sort of shape. your distinctive shape means you have;

Shoulder width same as hip width,
slight waist,
Longer legs,

Like the 'brick' woman your main aim is to give your body more shape and better proportion.
Here's what Trinny and Suzannah have to say;"Wearing drab shapeless and clothes is not a good idea for any body-shape, but on you it's a double shame, because with your perfect proportions it only takes the slightest attention to style for you to look fabulous.
You need strong blocks of colour to help define your body and the same goes for cut. Straight up and down clothes do your figure no favours. You will always look better in a dramatic dress with a giant sash, or a kimono top over flared trousers-garments we could imagaine Marlene Detrich swanning around in.
Avoid anything ill-defined, or completely pointless.

Formless, three-quarter length jackets,
Straight dresses,
Dropped waists,
Cropped tops.

Classic round neck jumper.This gives a very elegant shape to your body,
Belted three-quarter length coat with hip pockets,
Cropped trousers,
Angular single button jacket,
A-line skirt,
shaped and gathered shirt,
Slightly flared trousers,
Chiffon dress with fluted long sleeves,
Long chunky necklace, (keep all accessories big and bold)
Elegantly balanced shoes-heels not too thin or too thick. You don't need shoes that are too curvy."

The main aim for you miss'column' is to stop yourself looking like a cylinder.
Choose clothes that emphasise your waist and shape. As you don't have broad shoulders you don't have to worry about looking bloke-ish, but without a small thought for your clothing you'll end uplook shapeless and boring

Look to the styles of Gwyneth Paltrow, and Nicole Kidman for inspiration.

If you don't feel this describes your shape, try the description for

The Cornet or,

The Lollipop

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Source: The Body Shape Bible. Trinny Woodall & Suzannah Constantine.