The Cello
Is your shape like an hourglass, but with a less defined waist?.
Then if so, read on...

I bet over the years you haven't been able to decide whether you're body-shape is a pear or an hourglass. On some days you favoured the hourglass, and on other days you've changed your mind and thought that you may be a pear. But neither of them were anywhere near close to your actual shape.

You've always been aware that you've a really womanly shape, but never feel delicate and waif like.
Your body-shape is what Trinny and Suzannah have named a 'cello'
You have broad shoulders like the 'goblet' woman, but have a gently curving waist. just as the lovely curved shape of the musical instrument.
Your shape is as follows;

cello body shape

Big boobs,
Short waist,
Big hips,
Big bottom,
Big thighs,
Slim lower legs,

Here's what Trinny and Suzannah have to say about your body-shape.
"It may be that on occasion you feel conspicuous compared to your more petite and slnder friends. That's OK,you are! There's simply no point in trying to shrink away and hide.
Once you've taken that on board and figured out how to just be you in fabulous, full-on outfits you will always turn every head as you sweep down the staircase or sashay onto the dance floor. You will never be one for wispy tops over tight jeans, and Hallelujah for that.

Your never the smallest instrument in Aphrodites orchestra, but you certainly might be the proudest. Luckily you have the bone structure to pull off those well-endowed features with grace and ease.

Pencil skirts,
Mini skirts,
Leather or satin trousers,
Tight jeans,
Ankle boots,

Wide v-necked tops,
Flared coat with wide sleeves and deep lapels,
Long lapel, single button jacket,
No fuss wide legged trousers with turn-ups,
Scooped neck jumper to hips,
Wide waisted dress with halterneck,
Wedge shoes with platform soles,
panelled and pleated skirt,

One of your greatest challenges is wearing trousers,jeans which are pretty much a no-no for you. Instead,find a really good fitting pair of wide leg trousers. these will smooth out your shape, and minimize your thighs.
Make sure that your trousers are long enough to almost touch the floor when worn with shoes. This will increase your leg length, and give you a more streamlined look.

If you don't feel this quite describes your shape, try the description for

The Hourglass or,

The Vase

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Source: The Body Shape Bible. Trinny Woodall & Suzannah Constantine.