The Brick
Is your body-shape a bit on the square side, and powerful rather than curvy. If so then read on.....

Your body-shape is described as a brick. because from behind you are very masculine and square.
You have no real natural feminine curves. Again there is a temptation to cover up with baggy t-shirts and baggy trousers, but this only serves to make you look even more 'brickish'

The 'brick' woman has probably the most blokey of all the female body-shapes, and has;

Broad shoulders,
No waist,
Average tummy,
Flat bum,
Chunky thighs,
Chunky calves.

Your biggest clothing challenge is to make our shape more feminine. Here's what Trinny and Suzannah have to say about making you more curvy.
"You no doubt feel it's impossible to be feminine, and you are right, it's hard. But the thing you can do in spadess glamour. Look at Kim Catrall, or Jennifer Hudson - real brick babes! They are alluring charismatic and filled with confidence in the knowledge that they have turned their geometric shape into something beyond sensual.

Boxy Jackets,
Double breasted coats,
Mini skirts,
Box pleats,
Trousers in stiff fabric,
Heavy solid wedge shoes.

Jackets that fasten with a belt or sash to create a waist,
Asymmetric skirt, with inset pleats, to give the illusion that the lower body goes in and out,
Empire line coat,
High wrap dress,
Fitted tank top,
Floppy trousers,
Round neckline top with graphic decoration,
Draping jersey top,
Panelled skirts,
Chunky curvy shoes."

Your main objective is to try to create the illusion of curves. Stripes can work really well for you as long as they are varying widths, to give the impression that something's going on.
Don't stretch fabrics tightly over your torso but allow the fabric to fall and fold and create a softer shape naturally.
Buy clothes that are made from undulating patterns, fabrics that create a shape on their own.
Wear belts tied to sinch in your waist. Keep hemlines below the knee. Your legs will look slimmer if your thighs aren't on show.

The secret to dressing successfully as a brick is to avoid masculine shaped clothes. Keep shapes feminine without using frills and bows. Use detailing, and pattern in garments to give you that wow shape!

If you don't feel this describes your shape, try the description for

The Apple or,

The Goblet

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Source: The Body Shape Bible. Trinny Woodall & Suzannah Constantine.