The Bell
Are you small up top, but larger around the hips.

Here's what Trinny and Suzannah have to say about your body-shape;
"In your teens and twenties you were a small lady with a nice round bottom. As the years have advanced so has you butt. What happens to you is the quintessential, hateful middle-age spread. Your lower half becomes disproportionately large. It's a bugbear, but it's also a fact of life for many petite women.
You will have

bell body shape

Small shoulders,
Small boobs,
small waist,
short waist,
Big thighs,
Big bottom,

To combat this reality you may be inclined to take on the I-don't-care-about-clothes-attitude, to hide your inner voice telling you that your clothes are decidedly old before their time.

Your attitude is born out of despair, rather than a disdain for everything girly. You are still a petite, pretty woman who, with a little guidance, can dust off those skirts and dresses, and quickly gain some femininity back into your life.

Balloon sleeves,
Tapered trousers,
skimpy vests,
Tiny neck chains,
Wide V necklines,
Bias cut dresses,
Anything fussy on your bottom half

Bulky gilet,
Thigh-length kaftan,
A-line shirt dress,
kick pleat skirt,
Cowl neck jumper,
Flowing side fastening trousers,
Funnel coat,
Ruffled shirt with narrow neckline,
Elaborate necklace,
Cone heel shoes,"

With your shape it's important to bulk out your top half to minimise the impact of your thighs and bum.
keep the clothing on the bottom half simple. Avoid embroidery, lace, sequins in this area, or trousers with side pockets. With regard to tops wear ones with narrow necklines, and wear an elaborate necklace or a scarf to draw attention to your small feminine shoulders and face.

If you don't feel this quite describes your shape, try the description for

The Pear or,

The Skittle

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Source: The Body Shape Bible. Trinny Woodall & Suzannah Constantine.