The Apple
Have you a lucious round shape, small shoulders and good legs? Then you may be an apple. Read on....

"The apple by definition is round, This body-shape is smooth and luscious, Your form is soft and cosy as the down on a peach. You have the body people want to cuddle up to. But is it easy to dress? No it isn't. Thats why you think it's so much safer to cover yourself up with yards of fabric, making absolutely sure that not one inch of flesh can peep out.

As an apple you will have;
narrow shoulders,
Average boobs,
OK legs,
Tummy bigger then boobs,
Good legs.
Out of all the body-shape, types the apple tends to be the one with the least self-confidence.
Irrespective of your beautiful skin and pillow soft breasts and divinely sculpted ankles. You don't really like your body. it makes you want to hide away. But don't do it, Don't deprive others of your wonderful cleavage that can easily be enhanced with low tops and fitted jackets.

Big square T-shirts,
High waisted trousers,
Pleated waists,
Puffa jackets,
Mens Jeans.

Tight under the boobs, tummy skimming top,
Side fastening long sleeved shirt,
Skirt with pleats starting below the tummy,
Top with runched fabric around the tummy,
Tie waist jacket,
Flat fronted trousers,
Straight duster coat,
Shoes shaped wedges, with low or medium heels,

Your body-shape is so easy to define with the right clothes. For you it's all about bringing focus to the top half, up and away from your tummy. Start by loving yourself by investing in a decent bra. A good bra can be pricey, but is definatley worth the investment. Check it's fit before each wear to check that the straps haven't stretched.

Look out for trousers with no bulky pockets or protruding zippers. Side fastening trousers are ideal. The waistband should be low and wide enough to sit flat on your tummy. These trousers should be slightly flared at the bottom so that they balance your tummy."

The key to your style is to use soft flowing fabrics that don't cling to your body
When wearing patterns Try to use muted and subtle ones, anything too bold will overpower you.

If you don't feel this describes your shape, try the description for

The Brick or,

The Goblet

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Source: The Body Shape Bible. Trinny Woodall & Suzannah Constantine.