My favourite
top style tips!

"Appearance is a powerful thing. I know sometimes people can't remember a word you've said, but can tell you exactly what you were wearing."
Ann Richards

Here are some of my favorite top style tips

Always wear clothes that fit you properly, regardless of what the size of the label says.If you buy clothing that is too tight,- even if it's a size 18 - the same size you always wear-and it's too tight Buy the 20 instead, as the 18 will just look bad and make you look larger.

The next one is my favorite of my top style tips

Wear black with pastel colours. As the black drains the colour out of these delicate shades
Whilst the pastel always takes the 'chic' away from the black, and makes any black you are wearing look dull and lifeless.

Find out what your body shape is, and buy clothing in styles that suit your shape.the latest shape in the latest fashion craze may not necassaryily be right for you.

Store clothes on a rail in front of a window. The sun will bleach the colour from the garments and ruin them.

Establish a good skincare routine once you are in your mid-thirties. This will help you look your best as you get older. Use high factor sun-block to help prevent ageing of the skin.
Eating a well balanced diet, and doing a bit of exercise will both have a positive impact on your face

When on a shopping trip, take out with you more money than you wish to spend, if you're on a limited budget.
Only take shopping with you the amount of money you want to spend. This ensures that you won't blow your budget!

Remember that women are supposed to have curves. Pick you clothes carefully to help create the illusion of the perfect hourglass figure.

Wear a black bra under a white shirt, unless you're trying to create a teenage grungy look. Also overdecorated underwear will show through tight fitting clothing, So again unless this is the look that you are trying to recreate, is one to be avoided.

Have a capsule clothing collection. Make sure these items are black, as this never goes out of fashion. Have skirts, jackets, coats and trousers in various fabrics, as a good stand-by for any occasion. Tops and dresses can be used, if replaced fairly regularly, to keep your classic capsule wardrobe up to date, and adding splashes of colour,

Wear boots that finish half way up the calf with a skirt that's hem is above the knee. It looks like neither item has been made with enough material to make it to it's correct length. A boot that finishes at the widest point of the calf just makes the rest of your lower leg look chunkier, and shorter.
The gap between the hemline of the skirt and the top of the boot only serves to frame for your knees-Not good!!!

Make the most of your jeans. They are probably one of the most hardworking items of clothing in your wardrobe.For the best results try on lots of different styles and designs of jeans to find the ones that best suit you.
Also decide how you are going to wear them. A pair of skinny-leg jeans look great tucked into a pair of 'ugg' style boots, but boyfriend-fit jeans tucked into the same boots would just look plain wrong.
But the golden rule for jeans, as with all trousers, is to make sure that when they are worn, the bottom of the jeans are long enough to fall gently onto your shoes. Any higher around the ankle, or just above the shoe and they will chop your legs in half making them look shorter.

I hope you've enjoyed reading my top style tips

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