Dress to impress:
Making The One Colour Work for you!

The-monochrome-look is combining the shades of just one colour in one outfit. This can be a great asset to the plus size woman's wardrobe. is a great tool to have, and really easy one to master.
Cleverly chosen pieces that complement each other & flatter your figure will become the backbone of your wardrobe.

This guide will give you everything the modern plus-size woman needs to know about using the shades of one colour to amazing effect.

There are two interpretations of the-monochrome-style.
The first is to wear all one colour e.g. That stunning red dress that you may wear for an evening out with perfectly matched shoes and bag. But keep this simple, and don't overdo this as it can soon go from stylish to rubbish.

The second interpretation of this style is to use shades of the same colour If you think of the colour brown (i know not everyones favorite, but it can look great. and it's very autumnal). You could try for instance; chocolate brown leggins, teamed with some tan suede ankle boots with a copper coloured jumper,'n' bob's your uncle, and you look great!

There are a few pitfalls to avoid however, when choosing the monochrome-look.

Pick your colours wisely. Top to toe shocking pink may look great on a catwalk model, but a plus size woman would have to be more choosey.
Pick a colour that suits your skin tone. Mix the darker, bolder shades of this colour with the more subtle ones.
To help balance your proportions; Keep the darker colours to your larger areas. e.g. If your a pear shape, wear darker trousers, with a lighter top.

Use different textures to liven up your monochrome outfit. Use fabrics that draw the eye, like suede, lace or tweed. Go for materials with built-in details like ribbing or quilting. Break up a simple colour scheme by mixing and matching textiles. Pair leather with silk or tweed with satin. Also, try fishnet, or patterned tights to complete your outfit.

Put prints and patterns to work. Wearing a monochromatic print, or pattern is a great way to include multiple shades of one colour in your outfit. It takes the guesswork out of it.
Just add co-ordinating solids and you’re set.

Accent with accessories. Choose accessories that add bursts of colour to your outfit. Use them to draw attention to where you want it.
Try wearing a belt to break-up a solid colour. But remember, choose belts and accessories that compliment your body-shape.

Take risks and Have fun with your monochrome outfits. Monochromatic doesn’t have to mean boring use some imagination and let your personal style shine through.

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