Primark Why I hate it,
and why you should too!

You may think that this is a bit of a wierd thing to say. After all we all love Primark don't we? I mean after all, all of Primark's (known as Penneys in Ireland) stores are large, light bright and well stocked. Their clothes are so low in price that you can buy a full outfit fo a night out for under £15.- Yes for under £15. So whats the problem with this?

Primark stores are convenient. Primark open their stores in prime city center sites, or large shopping malls in direct competiton to every other fashion retailer our high street.
Hordes of hungry shoppers flood their stores to spend their hard earned Giro's on it's low priced clothing.

Now don't get me wrong if your a size 8 or 10 you'll probably look good in a bin-bag so Primark is probably a great place for you to shop. For the rest of us less fortunate souls who need larger or plus size clothing made from quality fabric with attention to detail with the design, cut & finish Primark is not the place for us.
Primark and it's bargain basement prices are having a detrimental effect on out high street - the downward spiral has begun.

The rest of our high street fashion retailers those that I would sort of call mid-range. The ones that make an effort to keep up with the latest styles, and do pay attention to quality. and that stock a reasonable amount of sizes. The Next's, Per Una's, Warehouse Oasis & monsoon's etc of this world are being squeezed by Primark and other discount clothing retailers.
To compete they feel that they too have to drop their prices.

To accomplish this they have to use cheaper fabric skimp on the cut, and design and the biggie - use cheap foreign labour to produce their garments.

I remember when I first time I went into a Monsoon, about 20 years ago. It was full of dreamy clothing with a very ethnic influence. Design-led, these garments were beautifully coloured made from lucious fabrics with attention to detail and cut. True - these weren't the cheapest clothes on the high street, but it was well worth saving up to buy something from there. About eight years ago and things began to change. Now a sea of lurid nylon, and no imagination meets me when looking around Monsoon.

The same thing unfortunately seems to have happened to all our major fashion chains, lurid badly made unimaginative clothing. in an effort to keep price as low as possible.
So our insatible appetite to wear cheap clothing is giving us a false choice and killing the good mid-range retailers. the ones where even if you didn't have a perfect figure you an still find something flattering and wonderful that you felt great in

If we are not careful, eventually all that we will be left with will be a choice of low priced badly fitting rubbish, or high end designer. Do we really want our fashion shopping be this limited?

I think that the best thing for us all to do would be to turn around and walk very very quicky indeed in the opposite direction if ever we are tempted to walk through the doors of Primark again.
We are becoming a nation of cheapskates with our budget airlines, budget supermarkets and pound shops. As one comentator said we are becoming known in the rest of the world as 'Lidl Britain'! we are prepared to sacrifice every ounce of style we have to save a few quid.
It would also be good to see clothes manufactured in this country again. We used to have massive parts of the industrial north of England involved in the manufacture of cloth and the production of clothing. This can't happen if we continue to shop at Primark as they rely totally on the cheapness of the labour from abroad to keep their prices so low, and turnover high.
If we are prepared to pay a little more for our fashion we may see more of our clothing made again in the UK which would be good for jobs in these dire economic times.

Putting quality before cost would be good for employment, good for choice good for the enviroment. Good for us all!

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