Plus size fashion
The high street.

Are curvy girls still in the fashion wilderness, or is plus size fashion at the fore-front of the designers mind?
Even in the beginning years of the 21st centuary I feel that there is very little equality in high street fashion for us girls that need to wear clothes in a size 16, or above.
There should be masses of choice for us.
Although it is true that certain high-street retailers have increased their size ranges up to a size 22, or 24 this is only on a few of their lines.
As it stands at the moment there sadly is only one retailer of plus size fashion on the British high street gives a reasonable choice and range.
Of course this retailer is Evans, but wouldn't it be nice if more than one name was in this list.
And even with Evans , the beige or burgandy nylon cover-all top seems to be the mainstay of their stock.
Although their clothes do seem to be becomming slightly trendier again it's the poor choice of fabric that makes most of their garments a bit naff.

I know that we larger ladies are a bit of a captive audience so Evans don't have to try too hard but it'd be really good to see them ditching the bland nylon for good.

It seems sadly pathetic that there is still only one retailer in our town centers. offering a comprehensive range of sizes, and lets face it as more than 50% of women are a size 16 or bigger someone is missing out on a big opportunity.

I feel that one of the biggest threats to our quality high street and the choice of clothing we have are the cheap clothes shops such as Primark Driving down prices and quality with it.

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