DOI week 9
Dancing On Ice.
Week 9

DOI week 9
With the 2010 Oscar ceremony only a few hours away this weeks show contained the all the pazzazz, glitz and glam of Hollywood and some more
DOI week 9
Only 6 contestants remain, 4 boys; Mikey, Gary, Kieron and Danny but only 2 girls Daniella and of course competition favourite Hayley. Any one of the 6 that are left are capable of winning this years title. So the competition is definately still on, and is as hot as ever.
To be sure of a place in the final, now just 3 weeks away, the Celebs have to start delivering the 'wow' factor.
DOI week 9
This week's Required Element Solo spin . The contestants have to spin on one foot with the other raised from the ice They must have no assistance from their professional partner. They must attempt to do at least 2 rotations, demonstrating confidence good balance and posture.

This week for the intro line-up the celebs and professionals came onto the ice in evening dress (and very dapper they looked too!) to get the mood of the movies off to a great start.
Each contestant has been given an iconic music track featured in a classic film. The couples need to get into the characters from the film and give a performance.

First to skate this week was Danny. Last week Danny scored his first score above 17 in 5 weeks. will he be able to progress forward again this week?.
Danny skated to 'Gotta fly now' from the movie Rocky. He came onto the ice wearing a silk boxers gown. when he took it off we realised he was going to skate topless - one of Jayne's better ideas I think!
This week Danny had paid a visit to his dad who's a fitness instructor to help him roll with the punches. It certainly helped. He got into character of 'Rocky' well and gave a fast fluid performance with stronger lifts. getting into character certainly helped him to focus. He managed the solo spin well.
Jason increased his score slightly with 22.5, but I think now that he has a good base from which to move on from.
Jason was a bit hot under the collar after Danny's performance and was very impressed with Danny's fit bod!
The music that Danny skated to was also used in The Full Monty. Perhaps Jason may have given him a 6 if he'd have chosen this film rather than 'Rocky'

Second to skate this week was Daniella. She skated to 'Summer nights' from the film Grease. Could she be a perfect Sandy? Daniella was very happy with this routine as she loves the music.
Daniella wore a bubble-gum pink costume and looked every inch miss prim and proper. She as always, skated well, but she only managed 1 1/2 rotations on the required element, and lost marks because of this. Giving her a score of 19.5. Which was lower than last week.

Third to skate was Mikey. Mikey skated to Ronan Keating's 'When you say nothing at all' from the film 'Notting Hill' Mikey has had a very busy week doing promotional work for Boyzone this week which has impacted on his training. His performance because of his lack of practice time was lacking in content. Mikey however did manage his spin. And it has to be mentioned that Melanie did an absolutely amazing pirouette during the routine.
Mikey scored 19.
Nicky commented that Mikey was still a bit rigid, and he needs to let go a bit.

Gary Lucy skated next. He skated to 'You never can tell' from Pulp Fiction
In the film Vincent(John Travolta) and Mia(Uma Thurman) enter a dance competition at Jack Rabbit Slims, 50's theme resturaunt. and dance what has now become an iconic routine.Gary and Maria used their dance for the basis of their skating routine.
Gary had some help on his choreography from his friend Kenny Adams. Again Gary had speed and flow over the ice he did stumble and didn't quite manage the required element. A great routine and a great performance that gave him a score of 20.5.
The judges however, disagreed on the quality of the performance. Nicky scoring him a 5 but Jason scored him a 3. Now that Sharron and Emily have gone he seems to have got his teeth into Gary saying his performance was 'Dull! Dull!, Dull! Dull! Dull! Dull!.
His comments caused uproar amongst the judges. Was Jason going one step too far again

Fifth to skate was Kieron. He skated to 'The Pink Panther theme' from the movie 'The Pink Panther' He and Brianne came onto the ice wearing matching pink plastic mac's. Again kieron gave a fast confident performance. They stayed in character as clueless Cleauso's throughout the performance. A very entertaining routine that included a round-the-world lift.
Unfortunately he didn't manage the required element spin.
His efforts were rewarded with a score of 21. His best score so far.

The only one left to skate was Hayley. She was given 'Jai Ho' from the film Slumdog Millionaire to skate to. She skated onto the ice looking every inch the the Bollywood princess.
She skated a breathtaking performance interpreting the music perfectly in her dancing managing four spins on the required element. This earned her the maximum score of 30. The first one of this series and very, very, very well deserved.Jason "Electrifying"
Nicky "Sure powerful, deft of touch - Beautiful."Hayley certainly took tonights Oscar.

Of all the performances, Daniella and Mikey I felt were given the weakest music and therefore compared to the very stylized performances of their fellow competitors they seemed to lack depth and style. Beautiful tho' Ronan's song is, it's not a great choice of music up against the other choices. It has no theme to really latch on to.
'Summer Nights' is a great song with it's own dance routine within the film none of this was put into Daniella's performance. The music was edited badly making Daniella's performance seem dis-jointed, which it isn't if you watch it with the sound down.

Loved Hayley of course brilliant enough to make me want to watch it about 5 times. Loved Kieron again for pulling a very original and entertaining routine from music that could have been quite ordinary.

Dancing on Ice 2010 Boyzones Mikey Graham


Was between Mikey, His first, and Daniella her second. Both skated better and were more relaxed. Daniella managed her spin, and Mikey just looked more comfortable.
Daniella won the judges vote 3 to 2. Jason, and Nicky voting for Mikey. It was his lack of content let him down.

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