DOI week 8
Dancing On Ice.
Week 8

DOI week 8

DOI week 8
Torvill and Dean opened the show skating to an incredible live performance from Katherine Jenkins, and Lord Andrew Lloyd Webber (well that's how it was billed on the sky+). The song 'Love never dies' was from his new musical of the same name.
katherine as usual sang like an angel. The song would've been better entered for this years Eurovision!

This week's Required Element The unassisted solo jump. The celebrity must leave the ice with both feet and land cleanly on either one, or both feet. This move requires balance, control and courage.

Rehearsals where in chaos this week with the required element. There were plenty of tumbles and falls, on that lead to Kieron visiting A & E with a split lip.!

First to skate this week was Mikey. He had a really bad fall in the dress rehearsal just before the show started. This really shook his confidence.
Mikey skated to Bruce Springsteen's 'Dancing in the Dark' You could that he was nervous and this reflected in his performance, which was unsteady and scrappy
The Judges gave him a score of 13.5. His worst of the competition so far.
Let's hope that Mikey can get his confidence back for next week.
DOI week 8

Next to skate was Daniella to K.D.lang's 'Rose Garden'. Daniella wore an electric blue tassled costume,and matching cowboy skates. Her routine was more Line dancing on ice, than dancing on ice.
Another good performance, the 'Ho- down included a neck spin and a good execution of the required element. Daniella was awarde 22 points from the judges, only a score of 3.5 from Jason which I thought was a bit meagre.
He said that there wasn't as much sparkle as last week. I think we may have been watching different performances!

Third up was kieron, and his split lip. He and Brianne skated to 'Careless Whisper' by George Micheal.
Again like Mikey, because of his fall he was a bit shakey especially at the beginning. kieron admitted to being pertified, and that the week had been 'absoloute hell'. He did however manage to do the required element with 2 half axles and finished the routine with a float spin.
He scored 18.5. Nicky said he had 'inner steele' Brianne said that she was amazed at his bravery at getting back on the ice after his fall.

Next to skate was the competition's baby - Emily skating to 'Da Do Ron Ron'. A better performance from Emily she's improving week, by week. For her required element she did a waltz jump, and finished with a helicopter spin which uhfortunately she stumbled when landing it. Emily said she really enjoyed the performance, and her confidence is growing.
Again Jason wasn't impressed, but Emma said she could see a 'definate improvement'

Danny was the next to skate but would he be able to get more than 17 this week. He was skating to 'Yeah! Yeah!'.
I didn't feel that his actual skating was much better than previous weeks, but he did an excellent Toe-Loop for his required element which he landed on one foot. This definately earned him extra points, and he scored a magnificent 22. His best score in the series so far. Lets see if he can build on this next week.

Hayley, the competition favourite, was next to skate. She and Dan skated to 'Don't stop believing' from the Cast of Glee.
Hayley admitted to struggling in training this week.This routine required her to be fast over the ice. hayley gave an elegant cleanly skated performance with lots of energy. She did a toe loop combination for the required element, and ended the routine with a toe pick spin.
Another great performance with another great score 25.5. which again left Haley No.1 on the leaderboard.

Last to skate was Gary Lucy. Skating to 'The Race' by Yello.
gary's routine was heavily influenced bu the winter olympics. elements of different disciplines were featured throughout the skate. They included;
Speed skating, slalom skating, ski jump, bobsleigh, & curling. This was a challenging routine which caused him to fall during rehearsals.
Gary was skating that fast he nearly ran out of rink at times. It was however, a good novelty routine - well executed. He did a toe-loop for his required element, but stumbled slightly during a lift.
This was a fast routine with complicated footwork and he survived it scoring a reasonable 21.

This week It would have to be everyone's favorite, Hayley. non of the others really stood out for me this week. Gary was good, and original but a little messy in places.

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Was between Daniella and Emily. Neither of them skated this any better, both made a couple of mistakes. Daniella got the judges vote however 4 to 1, only Nicky voting for Emily.
This was a hard vote, has Daniella reached her peak, and may not attain greater heights in this competition. We've seen Emily improving week on week, so could she have been a serious contender for the final? Did the judges make the correct decision. Neither girl was on the bottom of the leader board.

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