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Week 7

Week 7 - Half way Point

Required Element; This week the couples had to invent a unique opening and closing sequence for their performance.
This will demonstrate the couples own character, ambition and creativity.
DOI week 7
Well we're now half way through the competition, and it's still wide open. At his moment I think there's possibly any one of five of the contestants that could win.
To stay in now they really are going to have to step up a gear.

As with last week this week we had another guest judge to replace Robin who's in Canada commentating on the winter Olympics. This week's guest judge was News reader and presenter Angela Rippon.
Angela says that she wants to see the skaters confidence in themselves, and their partners.

After bragging that he'd been injury free, Kieron sustained his first injury this week during training when he bashed his head on a light at the side of the rink. He's sore but o.k.
Gary also injured a ligament in his calf, and lost a days training through this. Sharron was still having problems with her right shoulder. so a bit of a wounded bunch this week.

Torvill and Dean opened the showwith another smooth performance. Skating to the king of smooth's - Micheal Buble's 'I just haven't met you yet'. I love Jayne and Chris' performances but this week it was a bit safe like the music.- didn't make my spine tingle!

First of our celebs to skate this week was Kieron. He skated to the Buzzcocks 'Ever fallen in love?'
Neither he or Brianne had heard the song before, so they went to York to see the Buzzcocks playing live to get the feeling of the punk scene.
Well, last week Kieron said that if he was still in this week he'd have a costume worth seeing, and he wasn't wrong. They were both dressed as punks. he wore a ripped T-shirt and studded leather trousers, and Brianne wore a leopard skin bikini, torn stockings and suspenders. With their back-combed hair they looked every inch punks.
Their skating was fast and furious. Kierons started to develop a real atitude, and eccentricity in his skating and it's showing. Kieron covers alot of ice in his skates
Angela said his performance was "seriously polished"
He got his highest score so far of 19.5. Well done Kieron!
Kieron's flamboyance and fun with his costumes are making him stand out. He's not just another bloke in black trousers, and a shiny lycra shirt. This has the advantage even when he's first to skate makes him unforgettable when it's time for us to vote.

Second to skate this week was Sharron. Sharron was originally supposed to skate to 'I want candy' by Bow wow wow, another fast number. sharron didn't feel that her shoulder would last another fast performance. So she threatened to 'hang up her skates' if she couldn't skate to a slower track.
This is the first time a contestant, in the history of the series has done this.
It was agreed that she should skate to 'Stay' by Shakespear's sister. Chris dean said he felt that Sharron was "playing it safe".
Sharron's routine was 'safe' although she's certainly more elegant there were really no suprises. Emma commented that it was a bit like "Deja vu with different costumes" I have to agree.the judges awarded Sharron a score of 16 which was better than last week, but not her highest score.

Next to skate was Daniella. This week her music was Dusty Springfield's 'You don't have to say you love me'. Daniella really went for it this week. This included putting a float spin into the routine, something which she was nervous about. As when performing the float spin it means that her face is quite close to the floor. If she makes mistake she could easily break her nose. Due to previous, well publicised reconstruction, it would be impossible to re-set it again.
Daniella came onto the ice wearing a 60's style pinafore dress, with polo-necked top, knee boots, false eyelashes, and a 'Dusty' Hair-do.
Daniella & Matthew promised that in this skate we would see Drama, Action, Comedy and maybe a little danger. She was right. A fun routine skated very well, with a teriffic float spin to finish.
Daniella, and Matthew told a story that fitted with the theme of the song, and she played the scorned lover perfectly. Daniella used her acting abilities to bring the performance out of the routine.
Daniella was justly rewarded with a score of 24. Her highest in the competition so far. Jason said it was a "fully committed performance if a little psychotic".

Fourth to skate was Danny would he be able to get a score above 17 this week?.
Danny & Frankie skated to 'Cheri' from Frankie Valley & the four seasons. To get some moves into the 'groove' of the music Danny and Frankie went to meet some of the cast of 'Jersy Boys' appearing at the moment in the West End.
They came onto the ice looking like a pair of rock'n' rollers. danny in a red spandex t-shirt and ight black trousers, and frankie in a matching 50's style dress with a red spotted skirt, 50's hair and Make-up.
Again Danny was a bit wobbly in parts. Danny has a great partner in Frankie she expressed herself beautifully in this skate and completely over-shadowed Danny this week.
Danny is still very slow over the ice and is not skating out as much as he could. He's also a bit clumsy when he lifts Frankie.
I think that this frustrates the judges as he's not skating anywhere as well as he could.
Yet again, Danny scored a 17 from the judges. He's in a groove that he can't seem to move out of.

Next to skate was Hayley. Hayley has had the highest score from the judges everytime she's skated. Would she be able to maintain this, this week?
This week Hayley and Dan skated to 'Get Happy' by Judy Garland. This song from the Big Band era is a show stopping song from a 40's musical.
They started their routine lying on the judges desk with high kicks. Their routine included a beautiful magic carpet spin. Hayley stumbled a little which cost her some points, but otherwise another stunning routine.
Hayley was rewarded a much deserved 26 the same as last week and highest again this week.
Hayley said that she is now feeling the pressure as everyone else is getting better.

Following Hayley was Emily. This week Emily danced to 'Bad boys from Alexander Burke, the 2008 X-Factor winner. Emily was really happy with this choice of music, and was even happier when Alexander turned up at one of her training sessions to help Emily get some 'Bad boy attitude'
It seemed to work as Emily skated quite well again she was flighty and flirtatious, and seemed a bit unsure during the table top lift.
I don't think that she quite came over as the bad girl she wanted to. Emily skates well she needs to believe in herself more to get a better performance. The judges awarded her with 17.5 her highest of the competition so far.
She's improving week on week.

Seventh to skate this week was Gary, Gary is cirtainly beginning to stand out with his performances and has a real connection with his skating partner Maria.
They skated to 'What about now?' from Westlife. Their's was a beautiful emotional performance full of romantic honesty. Captivating skating, smooth and strong complemented by their beautiful spearmint coloured costumes..
Gary scored a well deserved 22.5. Again another personal high score.

Last to skate this week was Mikey. Would he begin to regain some of his previous form?
Mikey was skating to 'Ring of fire' by the ledgendary Johnny Cash. To get some 'Yee Haw' into their routine He and Melanie went line dancing.
The both came onto the ice resplendant in black tasseled costumes covered in rhinestones. This week, Mikey truly was 'The Man in black'.
It was a very entertaining routine, with an element of comedy in it. The skating wasn't bad either. Melanie still however appears to be taking the lead somewhat. There was no real risk taking in this routine, but they interpreted the music well.
Mikey scored 18.5, the same as last week. I felt however, that he gave a better performance this week.

MY PERFORMANCE OF THE WEEK This week after much thought I have to choose two performances. Kieron's for the sheer energy that he gave to his performance, and Daniella's for the performance she gave. She got into character and never waivered.


The skate-off this week was between Sharron and Emily, This was Sharron's third time in the bottom two, but despite having some of the lowest scores in previous weeks this was only her first.
Out of the two I think Emily gave the improved performance. and was rewarded with a clean sweep from the judges. So Sharron got the flowers and did the lap of honour.
I'm just beginning to warm to Emily as I think that she's beginning to gain in confidence and it's showing in her performance.
Even though Emily is young, her mum said that the only exercise she ever did before this was going to the fridge. nad the discipline is doing her good.

The music that the contestants danced to this week was fantastic, and varied. There was punk, Country, Big band, 60's, a ballard, a recent chart topper. This week the music felt less predictable, and safe. well thought out choices that gave some great performances.

These are the odds from the bookies for each contestant to win after week 7. Lets see how right they are after the final.

Hayley...4-6 odds on favourite

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