DOI week 6
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Week 6

DOI week 6

Week 6 was Dancing On Ice's Valentine special.

To celebrate, all this week's music used had a 'love' theme. All the costumes had hearts on them somewhere. And the ice tunnel that the contestants use to enter onto the ice had turned into a 'heart gateway'.

It was also 26 years to the day since Torvill and Dean won their gold medal in the winter Olympics in Sara Jevo, Serbia.
Congrats to Jayne and Chris again. They're performance back in 1984 is still stunning to watch, and definately never bettered!

This week judge Robin cousins was away commentating at the winter Olympics in Vancouver, Canada. His spot on the judges panel this week was filled by actor and singer Michael Ball.

Required Element: The Shadow step sequence.
The couples must skate as if one is the shadow of the other. This requires a clean execution of steps whilst keeping in perfect unison.

Last weeks last celeb to skate, was this weeks first celeb to skate. Daniella skated to, Florence and the Machine's 'You've got the love'
Not a bad performance from Daniella. It was a bit slow in places. She made a good effort in the shadow step. However, a convincing performance and was given a score of 20. We know that Daniella can skate, but as Jason said "She needs to up her game".

Second to skate was Danny. Danny has scored 17 for the last three weeks, and he really felt that this week he was going to improve on this. He skated to 'Your love is lifting me higher'.
.I didn't like this routine. There was something about it that didn't quite gel. I think that what it is with Danny is that on week one I felt that he could be this years 'Ray Quinn', as on his first skate in week 2 he scored the winning score of 18.
Danny was a bit unsteady, and the routine was more energetic than romantic. He's not holding his upper body well, and his routine didn't have the seamless presentation it should have had. Again this week Danny scored 17.

Next to skate on 'love week' was Emily. Skating to Whitney Houston's 'Saving all my love for you'
Emily was in alot of pain this week from a rib injury, but despite this she did, what I think is her best routine so far, if a bit messy in places.
She was given a disappointing score of 13.5.
Keep trying Emily you'll get there.

Fourth to skate was Mikey. Last week Mikey scored his lowest score of the competition, 15. Would his score improve this week?
He skated to 'Love on a mountain top'. His performance was definitely better than last weeks. He was visited by his wife during the week which boosted his spirits.
He looked like a ray of Irish sunshine in his bright yellow costume. A good flowing routine that had alot of elements. He kept his speed up and covered alot of ice, but he still hasn't got the confidence back that he had in the first few weeks.
He was rewarded with an improved score of 18.5

Sharron skated next to Belinda Carlisle's 'We dream the same dream'. This week she was wearing more of leotard, bright pink and sequined, rather than a swimming costume. You never know next week she may graduate to a skirt.
She and Pavell did a nice confident routine that included a 'neck ripper spin', but again, as in previous weeks some of her moves lacked in energy.
She managed a score of 15 from the judges.

Next to skate was Hayley. She and Dan skated to 'Endless love' by Lionel Ritchie & Diana Ross.
They both skated beautifully to this, putting last weeks fall well behind them. This weeks routine was a much slower tempo than last week's.
Hayley makes ice skating look effortless with this captivating routine. They both showed alot of emotion and had a great connection.
Jason said the routine was "sublime", and new judge Micheal said it was "utterly beautiful"
They scored an amazing 26 points, the highest of the series. Hayley must now be a favorite for the final.

From the series fore-runner to the series back-marker. Dr Hilary resplendent in a shimmering white shirt skated to 'Higher love'
To try to get some rthymn into his body he went to see Hip-Hop dancer Super Malcolm.
In this weeks routine he managed a couple of basic lifts, and did some steps unsupported by Alexandra. He was steadier, but not very exciting.
Emma Bunton said "I don't think the competition can really start with you still here' and Nicky added that the doctor "Needs to be competing with passion".
Dr Hilary scored his highest score of the series with 12.

Eighth up was Kieron, skating to 'Don't know much' from duo Linda Ronstadt & Aaron Neville, was skating in a wonderful Hemitite couloured costume. It's safe to say that Kieron isn't scared of colour.
Kieron's in his routine covered alot of ice. Although he had a crisis of confidence earlier on in the week he seemed to have gotten over it by the time of the live show. He and Brianne have a very believable partnership. Nicky said that he was "Impressed".
Kieron was awarded his highest mark so far 19.5. Well done Kieron

This week's final competitor, was last week's first to go. Gary skated to 'My Cheri A'mour.
A very good finale to this weeks show. He now has more grace and gave a wonderful flowing performance. Did an excellent required element. His execution of this difficult routine was commendable. But jason said that 'He had the emotional depth of tissue paper.- Gary that is, not Jason. I don't think that Jason is quite that deep!

MY PERFORMANCE OF THE WEEK I think this week I have to go with the judges and choose Hayley, because of the sheer beauty of her performance.


After the public vote the skate-off was between Danny and Dr Hilary. It was Danny's second skate-off I think that this is because of his stagnation in performance over the last few weeks. In other words we've become bored with him.
It was Dr Hilary's first skate-off, which unfortunately he lost. Danny won the judges vote 5- 0
Danny obviously needs to up his game a bit more, or he is in real danger of falling to the bottom of the leader board and being voted off.

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