DOI week 5
Dancing On Ice.
Week 5

DOI week 5
Required Element; Pairs spin
The contestants have to spin in unison on 1 leg completing at least two revolutions. This takes balance and syncronisity.

DOI week 5

This week Hayley is going to attempt he first head-banger lift of this series. This is one of the most dangerous maneuvers that the skaters attempt.
We had to wait a bit to see it, as Hayley was eighth to skate.
And we'll see if Jason has managed to curb his acid tongue this week.

The show opened with Pixie Lott singing a brilliant acoustic version of The kings of Leon 'Use Somebody' whilst Jayne and Chris skated a stunning ethereal routine.
Hats off to Pixie as she actually sang accompanied only by an accoustic guitar.
Take note Cheryl Cole, Alexander Burke and all the other so-called superstars who lip-synced on the X-Factor last year.

First up this week was Gary Lucy skating to 'Good Vibrations' from the beach boys. Their routine encapsulated the spirit of California. Sun, sea, and surf - lively and vibrant.
Gary seemed to enjoy this performance. He skated more on his own this week, and did the pairs spin. He'd certainly loosened up a bit this week. This may have been as he'd spent some of the week dressed as a woman when he went to meet Brian Connelly, who's part of the cast of the musical 'Hairspray'.

Heather was up next and skated to 'Change, change, change'. Her performance was much stronger than last week's, even though she'd sustained a hamstring injury during training this week.
She only managed to do one revoloution of the required element which lost her marks from the judges, but she did manage to do a spiral on her left leg. This is the first time that Heather has skated on this leg.
This week the costume that she'd been given was awful.- shame on you costume department. she wore a bluey grey cat-suit that looked like a bin bag. I don't know if this had any influence on the final scores. I think without a doubt that this has been the worst costume of the series

Third up was Danny skating to 'Tiny Dancer' from Elton John. His performance with his partner Frankie was smooth, polished if a little slow. However Danny is easily able to do the big lifts. The judges awarded him 17 points
We look forward to a little more speed over the ice next week.

Next to skate was Emily to Gwen Stefani's 'Sweetest escape'. Emily was very disappointed with her previous scores so she put in extra effort, and was rewarded with her best score so far of 15.
This week she skated more on her own to prove that she could balance on her own without Matt. She skated in a peppermint puffball outfit.
Jason asked if she had an underbite as she was sticking her chin out!!!

We were all looking forward to the next performance which was Mikey. Skating to 'River of Dreams' by Billy Joel. This was a tricky little routine with lots of footwork. Mikey didn't quite pull this one off. He slipped during the barrel rolls. His whole performance was not as flowing as previous weeks. He just didn't quite pull it all together and was rewarded with a score of 15. Which was his lowest score of the series.
Very disappointing for Mikey. he's going to have to raise his game for next Sunday.

Sixth to skate was Sharron and Pavell. Sharron was again dressed in another swimming costume. This week it was black and sequined - very pretty though.
I have to agree with some commentators who say that the judges critisize Sharron for not being very feminine, so surely it would be better to put her in a more feminine outfit.
She skated a lovely flowing routine to 'Fast Car' by Tracy Chapman. She was more relaxed and this showed through in her skating making it much softer. Nicky said that the 'quality was coming on' and that Sharron had 'improved grace'. She was rewarded with a score from the judges of 16.5. Her best so far.

Kieron skated next to Paulo Nutini's 'Pencil full of lead'.
Stripey! stripey! stripey! Red, green and orange costumes
Jazzy! Jazzy! Jazzy! Jazzy hands
The interpritation of the music in this routine was brilliant. It was lively and fun.
The music giliched and stopped a few seconds into the routine, but it didn't put Kieron off, and he kept going. He came out strong and kept going. he was given a score of 16.

It was Hayley's turn next. We were waiting with bated breath for the head-banger. A very risky move that Hayley said, made her fee sick and dizzy. She's in safe hand with her partner Daniel, or was she?
Their routine was dynamic and strong, to the upbeat 'Just Dance' by Lady Gaga. They looked as if they were going to nail it for another week with this stunning routine. When during an arab lift they slipped over.
But being the true professionals that they both are the got back to their feet and continued. Finishing the routine with the much waited for head banger.
After the routine Daniel said that the fall was caused by him hitting something on the ice that stopped his skate.
Despite the fall they scored a very respectable 21 points

From the highest scoring contestant to the lowest scoring one; Dr Hilary who only scored 11.5, but it was his highest score of the series.
His routine was a bit wobbly in parts but it was more fluid than pervious performances, but he only managed to do one rotation of the pairs spin.
Hilary says that he is enjoying the whole process. The public seem to love him too, as despite having consistently the lowest scores the Public's vote have kept him out of the skate-offs.

Last to skate was Daniella. Her routine was very much based on a tango as she skated to 'Dance with me'
Again another good performance from Daniella. All the heat and passion that you'd expect from the tango. Dramatic, intense and convincing. Apart from a slight stumble she scored a well deserved 20.

MY PERFORMANCE OF THE WEEK This week I just loved Kieron's performance, not the most technically perfect but bright and fun.

The results show was opened by Pixie Lott singing the beautiful ballard 'Cry Me Out'
DOI week 5
The skate-off was between Kieron, and Heather. Both contestants did an improved skate. Kieron won the vote 4 to 1. Only Nicky voted for Heather.

Robin will be away for the next couple of weeks as he's commentating at the Winter Olympics in Vancouver, Canada. So he's going to be replaced by a guest judge, to be revealed on Friday's show, but rumoured to be the singer Micheal Ball.

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