DOI week 2
Dancing On Ice.
Week 2


DOI week 2

This week it was the turn of the boys to strut their stuff. There were some good performances by 1st up Gary Lucy, Mikey Graham, kieron Richardson and Danny Young. Danny was the judges favorite scoring him a very respectable first week score of 18.

The other three gents seemed to be far less capable. Jeremy Sheffield had sustained an injury which had stopped his training for three weeks and it showed in hie performance which was unfortunately fairly basic, and very slow.

Both Bobby and Dr. Hilary suffered with that nervous posture that reminds me of the Todd Carty and David Seaman routines from previous years.

You know what I mean the slightly bent forward from the waist legs apart no flexibility in the knees with toes turning inward slightly. But hey! they got out there and did it.

MY PERFORMANCE OF THE WEEK Without a doubt Danny Young

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After the public vote Bobby, and suprisingly Gary were in the skate-off. The scores from the judges was 5-0 to Gary, and Bobby received his bouquet.

The Saturdays appeared singing their latest song 'Ego' on the results show. While four of the professional skaters, skated what appeared to be a stunning performance behind the podium on which the 'Saturday' girls were seated.
Unfortunetly alot of the skaters performance was missed due to the cameras not focusing on the whole of the rink
ITV, you need to organize your cameras so that we can see the whole performance, and stop cutting away.
If I want to see the Saturdays close up I'll watch MTV, and If I want to see Gordon Ramsey's mush I'm sure that I can find him somewhere on channel four.
I often feel that this sort of camera work can really influence the home audience's vote. We don't need to see the reaction of the audience. We are quite able to judge whether something is good, bad, funny, or spectacular without having to receive conformation from the faces of the studio audience.

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