DOI week 10
Dancing On Ice.
Week 10


DOI week 10

Required Element; Use of a prop

This week the contestants have to incorporate a prop into their routine. They have to maintain total intereaction with their prop as well as their partner. incoproprating it seamlessly in the routine.
The contestants were given the following props:-
Gary & Maria - A cane
Daniella & Matthew - An office chair
kieron & Brianne - A microphone stand
Hayley & Dan - An Umbrella
Danny & Frankie - A bright orange bowler hat

Torville & Dean opened the show with a Ho-Down. They had a cowboy hat each as their props which they swapped, swirled, tossed & twirled to Elvis' 'A little more conversation'. - Fabulous!

First of this weeks contestants to skate was Gary with his cane. Skating apropriatley enough to Ian Dury's 'Hit me with your rythmn stick'. Maria also had a cane which like torvill & Dean with their hats, they swapped, swirled, tossed and twirled quite successfully to this iconic track.
Gary did the spin that he missed out on last week,- congrats, and nailed it with his prop. His performance was confident and consistent.
Although there were a few timing issues, he was awarded a score of 22 from the judges. Although Jason's comments were positive this week, Nicky was the one to be negative this week saying Gary 'didn't have commitment' and that he didn't totally get the feel of the music.

second to skate this week was Daniella with her office chair. she was skating to Roxette's 'The Look'.During rhearsals the wheeled chair, named scarlett had been wrecked many times, and had many wheel transplants. Scarlett also proved to be quite unpredictable on the ice especially when janyne and Chris challenged her to do a float spin with the chair.
Although Daniella spent alot of the routine seated fully incorporating the chair in the routine she gave a very rauncy performance. She was every inch the saucy seratary trying to seduce her good looking boss. Her posture and pose was spot on wether on the chair or on the ice.
Another great performance from Daniella where she could really throw herself into her character. She scored a stunning 27.5 from the judges who were vindicated for keeping her in after last weeks skate off. With this high score, her highest in the competition so far, she stood a good chance of avoiding the weeks skate-off.

Next to skate was kieron and his mike to Freddy Mercuary's 'Great Pretender'.
kieron became Freddy on ice, and mimed to the words of the song as he skated as part of his performance. His skating was very strong, and his speed over the ice was there as well. he turned it up a notch this week and for this solid performance He was awarded with his highest score so far,23.

Fourth up was last weeks perfect 30 girl, Hayley. This week Hayley and Dan had an umbrella for their prop, and were skating to 'Raindrops keep falling on my head'.
This weeks routine was at the opposite end of the spectrum from last weeks lively number. In their charming watery spearmint costumes Dan & Hayley gave a charming, cute and sentimental performance with 'Dolly' the brolly.
Step perfect again this gentle routine lacked the spark and passion of her previous performances. This week for the first time Hayley didn't make ti to the top of the leader board with her score of 26.

The final skater this week was last week's 'Rocky' Danny. Danny's prop was the tricky bowler hat.
This week he skated to McFly's 'It's all about you' and he did keep his top on. Danny was a Charlie Chaplin-esque figure in style but wore more colours than the rainbow with his striped shirt and waistcoat, and of course his brigh orange bowler. he looked every inch the 1930's silent movie star. this was tonights novelty performance.
The prop behave beautifully, even though he'd had trouble with it during training. Sometimes it was on his head and sometimes on Frankies they passed it back and forth without a hitch. He performed a beautiful roll up lift. Although he was a bit hesitant on some occasions, his dancing however, is getting stronger and stronger. Last week he was tough this week cute. and he scored his best score 25.5. Just behind Hayley.


After the public had their say Danny and Kieron were in the skate-off.
kieron put more performance into his performance this time. Danny gave a strong performance, but about 3/4 of the way through he dropped the hat and never quite recovered from there.The judges voted 4-1 in favour of Kieron. Karen was the only one to give Danny a vote.

So now this years fab four have been decided for next week's semi-final. Things are hotting up!!!

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