DOI semi-final
Dancing On Ice.

DOI semi-final


Required Element A solo skate

This week's required element requires our contestants to skate a solo spot for at least 20 seconds. They must enter the ice on their own with the spotlight soley on them and, them alone. Start their routine with their solo performance when they will be the joined on the ice by their professional partner.

This week for the first time our celebs joined Torvill and Dean on the ice for their opening number. So our fab four were required to learn a second routine this week. So once again in a week they were would be leaving the comfort and safety of their partners and become confident as solo skaters, but also to work as part of a team.

So we're down to the final four of this competition. Kieron, Gary, Daniella, and favourite Hayley.

This week Hayley was the first to skate. This is the first time in the competition that Hayley has been first and would be a hard act to follow. Would she be able to reach the top spot this week after losing out to Daniella last week?
This week she skated to the 'In my Life' Originally recorded by the beatles.
She gave an expressive full performance that included a one-foot spin, and a 'catch foot counter balance lift' A lift that they'd developed themselves, where precise placing of her foot was essential to keep Dan's manhood intact!
hayley finished her performance with a stag layout. Pretty perfect performance as we've come to expect from Hayley
The judges were impressed as well- well one of them really was Robin awarded her a perfect 6, 'Very fluid, serene and controlled. whilst Nicky awarded her a not so perfect 5. Commenting that she was a bit slow over the ice during her solo spot. Her total score this week was 27.5.

Second to skate this week was Jason's favourite Gary Lucy. Gary skated to 'The you & me song'. Resplendant in electric pink He performed a routine that included a wrist ripper. Sometimes again he looked a little self concious, but overall skated a good confident performance that earned him a total score of 24.5 his highest mark in the competition so far.
Again Jason seemed to hate the performance 'Skating vallium, no dynamism, no thrill! - You're so boring!'

This weeks third to skate was Daniella to 'When love takes over'. The question everyone wanted answering was would she be able to stay top of the leader board.
Daniella performed a teriffic lively routine to this dance track, and looked stunning in a black costume bedecked with smokey diamonds.Her persentation was superb, and did a confident solo section. Although suprizingly she was a little tentative through the rest of the routine, which made her wobbly in placesThis gave her a lower score of 23.

The final skater was dark horse Kieron. He skated to 'Time of your life' by Green DayGreat song but would his skating be equally great?
Another solid performance with some difficult lifts and tricks from the Hollyoaks actor that included a Roll up, and a one handed death spiral only previously done by Ciaren Bracken in series 2.
Kieron managed a score of 23. karen sscored him a 5 whilst Jason only scored him a 4 saying his performance was 'Rather Ugly'


After the public vote Daniella & Gary were in this week's skate-off. Nicky's and Karen's vote went to Gary. Jason and Emma preferred Daniella. This left Robin with the all important casting vote. Robin voted in Gary's favour to much suprise and controversy
Daniella was sadly the the latest competitor to leave the competition.

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