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At last it's here The Dancing on Ice Final 2010

Required Element - This week there are two required elements. The first Flying on/over ice
The second for the two contestants that make it through to the second half of the show, Their interpritation of Torvill & Dean's Bolero

The final three Hayley Tamodden, Gary Lucy, & Kieron Richardson have rehearsed their routines to perfection polished their skates and puy on their best showbiz smiles but who will be crowned the dancing on ice champion 2010.

This week the judges scores are not counted in the voting the only votes that count are the ones cast by the viewers.

The show had a magnificent start with Jayne & Chris skating Bolero with a twist, to the music of Andre Rieu and his orchestra
Chris in a white silk shirt and black pants looked like he'd just spent a day in an accountants office. jayne looked stunning as ever. they gave a fabulous floaty routine-literally as they incorporated silks suspended from the ceiling in a revamp of their classic skating routine.

To succeed in the 'flying 'element our competitors need to glide gracefully through the air incorpoating off-ice moves seamlessly into the routine. Smooth transitions from ice to air and back again are required, along with effortless spins and a first class performance.
Only our celeb contestants will be flying using their professional partner an on-ice anchor.

The ice panel looked gorgeous, and even Jason had made an effort, and ditched the stupid neckwear!

First to fly-on ice this week was Kieron, to Elbow's 'One day like this'. kieron said that their was no-one more shocked and suprised to find himself in the final.
Flying in Dancing on ice is a partnership, with the professional anchoring the celeb and providing propulsion for the for the celebs airbourne routine. Well that's the theory anyway, but if your partner only weight 6.1/2 stone and your a strapping bloke things can be quite difficult.
kieron and Brianne, according to Robin gave 'a good strong performance', 'fantastic posture' -Emma.
'I didn't hate it suprisingly, but clunky on transitions between ice and air.'- Jason.
The judges gave the following scores for Kieron's performance:-
karen - 5
Nicky - 4.5
Jason - 4.5
Emma - 5
Robin - 5
Total - 24
Kieron's highest of the series.

Kierons second skate which was his favourite of the series the punk classic from The buzzcocks 'Ever fallen in love?'
Kieron attacked this performance much more with greater energy and speed, added extra jumps and difficulty. Apart from a slight trip at the end gave a better performance.
The judges awarded him the following scores.
Karen - 5
Nicky - 5
Jason - 5
Emma - 5
Robin - 4.5
Total - 24.5
A better score than his flying routine. And total score of 48.5

Second to fly in this years final was Hayley to the song 'Songbird'
We know from previous series that Dan her partner has an impeccible track record with this and will be a strong stylish anchor for Hayley. And we know Hayley's grace and poise will be a great asset.
Hayley said that to come this far in the competition was a dream, and it was the best feeling ever to be in the final. Would she have the dream ending?
Hayley's routine with Dan was what we'd all been expecting strong smooth and spectacular. That included sumersalts a floating arabesque, and their new move a tandem floating skydive.The girl who couldn't look down at the beginning of the weeks training gave a stunning bold performance with no sign of nerves.For this the judges gave her a scores of;
Karen - 6
Nicky - 5.5
Jason - 5.5
Emma - 6
Robin - 6
Total - 29

For her second skate Hayley chose the routine that had gained her the perfect score from the judges The Bollywood routine to the theme from the film Slumdog Millionaire - Jai Ho!
A few extra weeks on the ice made this routine even better her precision and timing were flawless. The ice-panel again awarded her a full house, the maximum score 30, and a total Ice-Panel score of. 59

Last to fly and with the standard set by Hayley, was Gary. Gary has come a long way in this competiton as let's not forget he was in the skate off with Bobby Davro in week 2 of the competition. Gary said that he has found the experience life changing, and has realised that it's OK to let go.
His flying routine was to David Bowie's 'Starman'. His routine was competant if lacking in coordination in places. His routine include more that 50 rotations, twists and spins, A Tasmanian Devil floating spin and a fly away.
The judges gave their scores:
Karen - 5
Nicky - 5
Jason - 4.5
Emma - 5
Robin -5

Total - 24.5
karen commented that he got it together in time for the final. But Jason commented that there wasn't enough variation - but we know how Jason loves gary.

For his second performance Gary chose his favourite from the competition which was 'What about now' by Westlife again despite cating comments for yes You've guessed - Jason, he managed to up his score by half a point to 25
Karen - 5
Nicky - 5.5
Jason - 4.5
Emma - 5
Robin -5
Total - 25
Giving him a total Ice-Panel score of 49.5

So now it was down to the public to vote for their favourite in the first of two of the nights two votes.

After this vote it was Kieron's time to leave the competition. leaving Hayley and Gary to do their take on The Bolero.
Both contestants gave great performances and for me Gary really shone and I felt that there was really a strong chance that he could be this years winner.
After the bolero the public were asked to vote again to crown the 2010 Dancing on Ice champion. And no suprise to anyone that Hayley came out on top.
Congatulations to Haley and everyone at ITV for making this a series to remember.

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