Dancing On Ice. 2011
Week 4


So we were promised at the end of last week's show a twist that would change things forever' ooh err!
So all week we waited with baited breath until Phil was given permission to spill the beans tell us non telly bods (you know those of us that pay for the show with our phone calls) what this twist was going to be. At the beginning of this week's show Phil revealed the 'Ice Pick'. This meant that after the skate-off the remaining contestants would choose who they felt should stay in the competition. Rather than the judges.
Something that Kerry Katona when she heard the news said she would never do. - We'll see!

First to skate on this rather unusual week was Chloe. she stunned everyone when she went onto the ice wearing a jawdropping black lace catsuit with a black sequined hoodie. and she made a decent job of the skating too. Although she nearly emulated her mum's finest hour when she nearly 'fell' out of her top on one of her lifts
She scored a pretty decent 19.5

This week Johnson got to skate to one of Idol's, Bob Marley - One Love. He took the advice of the judges this week and took some dance lessons to give him back some missing rthymn. Another safe but very stable routine. He really seems to be getting to grips with the basics. And his partner Jodeyne really is in a safe pair of hands with him by her side.
One of nine children all born in Greneda Johnson told us that his family were trying to keep up to date with his preformances via the internet. I hope they were pleased with his score of 13.

Jeff followed Johnson onto the ice this week. Jeff had asked if T&D could make his routine a little more difficult as he felt he was slipping behind some of the other competitors. He felt that if he didn't up his game a little then he may be facing a skate off.
He did a pretty good routine when he and Isabelle slipped over during an arabesque manoeveur. they picked themselves up and carried on like it had never happened. They finished ontime with another a roll up lift. A pretty assured performance that scored him a 12.5 from Robin and Co.

Next to skate was Daniel Whiston and Morph.
I think that it has been decided by the powers that be that Kerry should just go into a trance during her skate and that Dan should move her hands and feet into position. Then pull, push or throw her around the ice and as long as there's no input from Morph, sorry Kerry everything should be fine.
I don't know what it is about Kerry but she does't appear to be getting any better. She's not that old at 30 yet she's way worse than many who have competed who are 15, 20 years older. Still i'll say it again she does't have to be good. I don't really think she cares if she wins. She is publicity hungry and I bet more column inches are written about her being dreadful than if she were average.

Well her dreadfulness may be the most talked about thing in the show if it wasn't for the silver tongued devil - Jason Gardiner. - But more of that later.
Oh yeah she scored a very generous 10 from the judges.

Well during training this week Rob took a nasty fall which gave him concussion. The accident affected his concentration for the rest of the week and it was dubious on Sunday as to wether he would be competing.
But his electric blue shirt must have given him the spark he needed to face the ice. Apart from the slight black eye no one would've guessed he gave a confident performance. But was relieved when it was over with a score of 16.

After Vanilla came Jason's favourite, Dom. Skating to 'I can see for miles' - The Who. Alex wore a union flag dress (Think of Ginger Spice) & Dom wore a matching waistcoat. His skate was a bit unsteady and it looked at times if Alex was manipulating him a bit but he does skate on his own altogether a bit uninspiring and he earned a paltry 11 points

Laura was 7th to skate this week to Shakira's -'Whenever, wherever' She put all the latin passion into this routine that was needed in a fiery red flamenco dress. She just about managed to land the complicated wrist ripper and with the help of lots of intricate footwork she scored 20.

Jen followed Laura. This was an intense week for her as she needed to get to grips with a complicated routine. Sylvian kept her nose to the grindstone. fitting her ice practice has been difficult around he work at Hollyoaks has. Aw poor love it must be a nightmare. Anyway this week Jen wore a dress edged with hearts and felt the love skating to Cilla's Anyone who had a heart.
Despite a confident skate though a slight slip she scored a reasonable 18.5 one point lower than last week.

Denise was next onto the Ice. A more sophisticated routine this week for the pants showing Geordie. Slow- Rumour Way more controlled than last weeks disaster. With a more sophisticated saffron yellow tassled costume. For her better efforts despite a few awkward dimounts this week she scored 10 from the judges. She was possibly worth a bit more and this still leaves her vulnerable at the bottom of the table.

The series favourite Sam was up next. Skating to Queen's - Crazy little thing called love. Another spot-on performance. High energy Fast flowing covering alot of ice in perfect time. Jason described the routine as like 'skating viagra' - which alot of viewers took exeception to but I think we get what he means.
After their Phil hinted that there were roumours of a relationship between the two of them. Both went red and a little toungue tied. So your guess is as good as mine.

Yee Haw! for this weeks final contestant DJ comedy Dave and the lovely Frankie. Their Ho-Down this week was to Billy Ray Cyrus and his achy breaky heart. Dave came onto the ice wearing a pair of funky gold cowboy boot skates. but would his skating this week shine like his boots - well what do you think. Well as he didn't have a body transplant this week he really did look a bit like toy story's woody again. He did cover the ice better this week & Frankie did a sterling job of rebutting the judges comments.
DJ Dave scored 11 from the judges


This week after the public vote it was down to the rest of the contestants to decide which of the two lowest scoring contestants went home. non of the celebs were looking forward to beind judged by their peers
The two to have the lowest scores after the public had voted were Dom, & Jeff, Both skated again both making a better job of it Jeff and Isabelle did a perfect routine no slips. Then One by one the remaining contestants came onto the ice and skated next to either Dom or Jeff to show their support - the ICE PICK.Oh yes Kerry did find it in herself to make a decision.
Jeff won the vote 6 to 3, and was supported by Chloe, Kerry, Rob (after the flip of a coin)' Laura, Jennifer & Sam
Dom was supported by Johnson, Denise & Dave.What became apparent was that Kerry is unable to stop herself on the ice. She really needs to pick up her game and earn her fee
So, sadly one of my faves, Dom left the competition for good.

MY PERFORMANCE OF THE WEEK Kerry, because she's just so rubbish.

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