Dancing On Ice. 2011
Week 3


So for the first time this year our 12 finalists compete together to become Dancing on Ice champion 2010
The old rules apply and the judges scores count for 50% of our competitors over-all scores. But the judges are now scoring out of 10 rather than 6. So the maximum score is still 30.
Less people, each with more power. Sounds such a good idea think we should adopt it in the Houses of Parliment!

Anyway less of the party politics lets get on with the competition.

First to skate this week was Mr Ice. This is the second time in as many skates that Rob has opened the show - Is this fair this can be the worse spot as by the time voting starts the first skater is often just a distant memory. In Rob's case however I don't think he will easily forgotten by the public
Rob skated to 'Minnie the Moocher' in full top hat tails and spats in proper 30's jazz style. Rob had quite a demanding routine with a big lift. There wer no slips, trips or falls and the 'big lift' a shoulder perch was executed to perfection.
A very entertaining routine that Rob described as 'Amazing' - What not 'awesome' Rob!

Next to join this weeks party was Ms Madeley. Chloe skated to Mylee Cyrus' 'The climb'. A slow lyrical routine that included a frog lift - similar to the lift that Sinitta did last year that nearly sliced he partners thigh off.
Well no such problems for Chloe. She performed a good routine with a nice amount of speed and lots of skating., and score 19 from the judges and conformation fron Jason that she had a 'baboons bum'!

Well the only I could think of when I saw our next contestant was 'What the F..K! have they dressed her in? I have to say that the costumes on DOI are usually pretty good. so the only thing I can think of was that it was worn for a bet.
So poor old Denise Welch came onto the ice looking like an badly wrapped unwanted christmas pressie in metallic gold lame. So she was dancing to Abba so there was a bit of a 70's thing going on. Denise never really got into the routine. she did have to enter the ice alone and I think that she never really got into her routine. Matt did seem to be doing most of the work dragging Den around the Ice. But as usual denise was loving every minute.
This routine was a bit of a mess which earned her a 9 from the judges.

After Denise came one of my favourites, Dom the cricketer. Again Dom is enthusiastic and I think pretty good. This weeks routine included a death spiral. And the final nail in the coffin for a nervous Dom was taking a tumble in the dress rehearsal. Dom gives alot in this competition, but the judges only improved his score by half a point from his first score to 11.5
A bit more would've been well deserved

Fifth to skate this week was Laura. Laura did it in a vibrant turquoise blue puff-frill dress to Kylie's 'all the Lovers'
A shakey start at the end of a week beset by problems during training. A lively routine that covered alot of ice earned Laura a judges score of 19.5. And a compliment from Jason that her legs were a bit stumpy!

Our Ashley was up next. Having blotted his copy book by not turning up for his coreography session with T&D he needed to work really hard to make up the time. Steven who's not a natural skater really needed to dig deep to stay off the bottom of the scoreboard for another week. His routine didn't include any massive lifts a little shakey in places but he skated quite confidently on his own. So I felt that a score of 7 from the judges was very harsh. along with Jason questioning Steven's commitment to the competition as well as telling him he was a 'natural...disaster
When did it become Jason's job to question people's commitment is he paying for it all, does he now think he the show's producer as well as being a style guru for northerners?
Why does he keep wearing that flat cap anyway - is it to hide a bald spot perchance.

Next to skate Essex boy Jeff. His music 'I want you back' - Jackson 5 just didn't seem to give him anything to get hold of. He was totally behind the music for most of the routine, and didn't quite manage to pull off the solo spin on the spot half way through his routine (although he'd perfected it during the dress rehearsal). But he was a good enough partner to allow Isabella to do an increible, Roll up lift that went into a drop lunge.
jeff still lacks a bit of confidence and scored 11 points from the judges.

After Jeff came DJ 'comedy' Dave skating to 'The way you look tonight' well the way Dave looked tonight was still like a bit of a thunderbird puppet right down to his dapper suit- Sorry Dave
Don't think that the music really worked for him. I was quite glad when the routine ended an I think Dave was as well. Dave earned a judges score of 9.5

Last week's skate - off survivor Jennifer skated next to 'Caifornia Gurls' by Katy Perry. A fun routine that made the most of he acting skills. Despite a punishing schedule beacause of her commitments with Hollyoaks - Yawn! we seem to hear this every year. she skated a lively well executed routine a couple of little stumbles through some tricky footwork. But a score of 19.5 surely made all the sacrifice worth while

Now the one we've all been waiting for Sam. Sam skated to 'Stop & Stare' One Republic a slower routine this week. This was almost a semi-final standard routine it was that good, and included a death spiral into a flyaway. Robin says that he needs a little polishing around the edges. But I felt that he was enchanting to watch. He scored a well deserved 25. which equals the scores of Ray Quinn, Lisa-Scott-Lee, & Claire Buckfield in week 3 of previous series of this competition. If he wants to stay ahead in the tables He has to score 30 from the judges before week 6

Soldier Boy Johnson skated next. Even with a broken finger Johnson made a decent fist of it. He as always gives 100% and does it cheerfully. A well timed routine that earned him 13 from the judges, and a suggestion from Robin that he take some dance classes to improve his posture on the ice.

And now it was time for the attention seeker that is Kerry Katona. Kerry screams alot in training. Now Kerry gave what I would call a pretty poor routine. She wobbled lost time with the music, and was dragged round the ice by the wonderful Dan. Now Dan can hide a million mistakes by his partner just because of his sheer ice skating quality and strength, but I thought that the judges were supposed to be able to spot this sort of deception. So why did Kerry end up with a judges score of 14. Kerry was no better than Denise, who Baby Spice had described as 'fun' who only scored a 9. And was way worse than Steve who skated on his own and only got a 7.
I would love to see Kerry skate alone as I think that she would collapse in a screamy sequined heap onto the ice.
an' that would cheer me up no end


Back to just two being in the skate-off. The unlucky two were Steve & Dom. Steve losing out 3-0 in the judges decider.
The moral of this story - Don't diss the Torvill n Dean as the public don' like it!!!
I am glad Denise got through though as I would like to see her skate again in something more flattering.

Next week, week 4, we have been promised a change, a twist, that will change the competition like never before.
I can't wait

Steven & Nina


Loved Vanilla again & of course Sam. Sorry if I'm getting boring.

Who do I think will win - Well Sam of course. But if I was going to have a punt on someone else it would be Laura

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