Dancing On Ice. 2011
Week 2


This week we the second set of celebs vying for a place in the competition proper. I think it could be an early bath this week for ms' Madeley & Rivas due to the way the viewers usually vote. (for people they have heard of and like)Unless one of them of course turns out to be an Olympic standard skater.
Although Dave the DJ isn't a household name for anyone over 20 he is quite easy on the eye & is paired by the fantastic show stopping Frankie. So should get through. but we shall see!!!!

My favourites to get through this week would be Denise - popular, and Sam - Ability

So the second set of couples take to the ice this week in a bid to qualify for this years competition. They are;-

Dave & Frankie
Jennifer & Sylvain
Denise & Matt
Craig & Maria
Chloe & Michael
Dominic & Alexandra
Sam & Brianne
Elen & Lukasz

six to go through to the start of the competition proper - 2 leave forever

Again this week the judges scores won't be counted.

After the judges had said their piece at the beginning of the show begging the public to vote for the best skaters and not their favourites - How sad! ( I hope that the ice panel weren't trying to influence the voting at all ). We got on with this week's competition.

First to skate on this second Sunday of qualifiers was the lovely Craig Mcglaughlin. I'm usually pretty impartial about the contestants at the start of this competition mainly because I have no idea who most of them are. But Craig ahhhh! I remember him well from his Ramsey Street days. Craig skated to 'Sympathy for the devil' - Rolling Stones. I'm listening to it now as I type - Wonderful!!! Craig acted his way through a shaky skating performance in top hat and tails.with his amazing partner Maria the perfect she-devil complete with a devil tail. Bulgarian champion Maria is now appearing in her fifth year of DOI, and partnered Ray Quinn to victory in 2009.

Following Aussie Craig came Yorkshire Jenny who was tasked to skate to 'Crazy for you' - Madonna. Despite a damaged rib she's obviously has some natural abilty on the ice. Although there had to be some last minute changes to her routine due to her injury she gave a confident performance, had a couple of slips, but hey! it's only her first week. but looked stunning in what my dad would call a 'nearly dress' I think you get my drift!!!!!!

DJ or 'Comedy' Dave as he's known on Radio 1's Chris Moyles' show. He covered a fair bit of ice at a good speed but was a bit off time with his music. But he wasn't 'arf bad. could become a favourite.

No.4 to skate was Elen. Frank Lampard what were you thinking of??? Pouting, spoilt and childlike. Her skating wasn't too good either.

Next up was ex- Hampshire cricketer Domonic. A Tall guy, sometimes these tall sportsmen look very ungainly on the ice, but Dom looked very comfortable. He had to get over some nerves over lifting Alex - He was afraid to drop her. But overcame them he did and put in a sterling performance and we glimpsed a showman.

Next was my tip for the bottom The Madeley girl. But fair play to Chloe, who describes herself as a model & TV presenter, whilst the rest of the world know her as Richard & Judy's daughter. She's a very good skater and has alot of confidence in her partner Michael. They took some risks for the first week with some impressive lifts and spins. Chloe, best so far this week.

Well that was until this man stepped on the ice and became the competition favourite. Sam Attwater. Sam mentioned that he had skated before. He was given an A- by Christopher Dean in his first assessment on the ice. His first skate of the show it was that good I watched twice. He has great chemistry with his partner Brianne.
Sam is definately the one to watch

Last to skate was the popular 'Loose Woman' Denise Welch. Denise admitted that sport and her weren't natural befellows, and that she didn't really belong on the ice, that she would be more at home on the settee with a vat of wine and a packet of fags! - Go girl!!!!! Denise also requested a 'fit' partner i could see why she might have a a bit of a worry if the show was Darts on ice She wasn't disappointed with Matt Evers - how could any girl be
Anyway back to the skating, Denise skated to 'Pack-up' - Eliza Dolittle both her and matt were dressed in khaki green silk WWII outfits with sequins. She did a good routine and really was no where near as stiff and awkward as many of the contestants of a similar age have been, including fellow Loose Woman Colleen Nolan. So keep up the good work Denise I'm sure you'll be around for a while.


After the 1st public vote of the competition 3 competitors were left to fight it out in the competitions second triple skate-off.

Craig, Jennifer & Elen were the unlucky three. After the second public vote Jennifer from Bradford via Hollyoaks triumphed.

Unfortunately this meant the wonderful Craig & Maria and the posturing Elen joined Angela and Nadia in the DOI early bath.Ta Ra Elen - It's been nice!!!!!
.OK!, so I was wrong about Chloe, but she turned out to be a decent skater. Still can't be right all the time.

MY PERFORMANCE OF THE WEEK Thought Craig was marvellous. OK so he was a bit shakey on the skating but his presence and charisma were - no not awesome, I'm not Vanilla Ice - were Thrilling.

Congrats to the 12 competitors who made it, after next week i'll give my vote on who I think will win.

Craig & Maria Dancing on Ice 2011 Craig McLauhlan & Maria Filippov

Dancing on Ice 2011 Elen Rivas & Lukask Rozycki

Elen & Luckaz

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