Dancing On Ice. 2011
Week 1


This years series started with more glitz and glamour than ever before. Torville & Dean pulling out all the stops to make this series bigger and better than previous years. A change of studio from Elstree to Shepperton, a new set, smaller leaner judging panel & now for the first time broadcast in HD and also one hour later on ITV1+1

Only eight of the 16 couples were selected to skate this week. they were;-

Steven & Nina
Angela & Sean
Laura & Colin
Johnson & Jodeyne
Nadia & Mark
Kerry & Daniel
Jeff & Isabelle
Vanilla Ice & Katie
six to go through to the start of the competition proper - 2 leave forever

'Our Ashley', Steven Arnold opened up the competition skating to madness' 'house of fun' fully dressed as a clown, as was his partner Nina. Who was wearing amongst very little else, a pair of fab black n white checked leggings with matching eyeshadow. About the skating, well.... he didn't fall over

Angela followed Steven. It could be said that she wobbled gracefully to Etta James. A gentle routine. Angela said she was determined to do well for the blue rinse brigade. But to quote Radiohead There were 'No Suprises' It was pretty much what you'd expect from a 66 year old. - If you want to stick it up the youth Ange you've got to give us something to vote for!

Laura livened things up with her sheer ability to cover the ice skating to kelly clarkson's 'My life would suck without you'.

Johnson was next up. A guy who has overcome immense hurdles to be able to take part in this competition put on a steady confident performance. Johnson originally from Greneda said that the only time that he'd seen ice before was in his drinks. He was very happy with his costume or 'uniform' as he called it a dapper white waistcoat and trousers with a mint coloured shirt. I hopt Johnson does well as this amazingly brave man deserves success more thn those who are trying to revive failed careers.

Fifth to skate was the lovely Nadia with Scottish partner Mark. During the original assesment Chris Dean had given her a 'D' and commented that she wasn't a natural skater. Nadia skated to 'Proud Mary'. She started slowly and gave a good confident performance.

'Crying' Kerry was next to skate. and gave a soulful performance. She was in safe hands with Dan as her partner. Kerry said that she was hoping to do well as, as she said in her words 'I'm doin' it for me kids' - Well actually Kerry I think you might be doing IT for a big fat fee, and to try and restart a flagging career for what is it? - the 4th or 5th time.

Following Kerry came Jeff another 'Reality TV' veteran, but he did a good job and just about got his dredded knee slide right. A good first skate that seemed to please the audience.

Last to face the ice this week was Mr Ice himself - Vanilla Ice, Skating with English skating star Kate Stainsby. They were given the inspired track 'Word Up' by Gun to skate to. Vanilla, or Rob just totally got into the music and seemed to forget he was actually on ice.
Vanilla seems to like using the word 'Awesome' when he likes something. I would like to suggest some alternatives for him to make a change. Fabulous, Fantastic, Great, Good, Amazing, Wonderful, Super, Superb, Cracking, Terrific or even the Dogs bollocks. are just a few to start with!


After the 1st public vote of the competition 3 competitors were left to fight it out in the competition's first triple skate-off. Laura, Angela, & Nadia were the unlucky three. Then the public were allowed to vote a second time - Lucky us! ITV allowing us to spend more money on phone calls!- for which of the three we thought should have a place in the main event.


True to form this year as is always the case in the first weeks of this competition those who have fallen out of the publics gaze tend to take an early bath. Laura polled the most votes second time around whilst Angela & Nadia took the early bath.

Oh it could only be the very entertaining Mr ICE in his black leather

dancing on ice 2011 nadia swahala & mark hanretty Nadia & Mark

Angela & Sean

dancing on ice 2011 angela rippon & sean rice

week 2


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