So what's
being going on in 2009?

2009 has been a totally unique year in many ways.
The early years of 'the noughties' seemed to be one boom year after another. However, this boom that came abruptly to an end in 2008, dug it's heels well and truly in,in 2009 and became the credit crunch

The U.K., along with the rest of the world entered one of the worst recessions since records began.
The bank of England set historically low interest rates to try to keep the economy buoyant. Falling to an astounding 0.5%. Great for people with mortgages, not so good for savers.

The government ditched it's fiscal policy, and borrowed billions of pounds to bail out our high street banks.

In May The Telegraph broke a major story that our M.P's have been spending our money without a care in 'The expenses scandal'.
And now they think we've forgiven them and are angling for our votes;
I think Lembit Opik's ex may sum my feelings Cheeky! Cheeky!

Simon Cowell's X-factor winner didn't get the expected christmas No.1. Which shows that no-one should take anything for granted.

And of course there was the earth shattering news that Peter and Katie were splitting up! Sob!!

Sadly as with all years, in 2009 we have said goodbye to many of our favorite stars

We also welcomed many new faces into the world this year. But what did we decide to call them?

How did we entertain ourselves? What did we watch on the T.V.? what music did we buy?

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